Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Zealand 100 Australia 78

For the second time in three days, New Zealand has created a huge sporting upset, this time by beating Australia in Basketball by the score of 100-78.

Aussie won the first test by seven points

The margin of 22 points in the second test means New Zealand wins the series, will get the top ranking for Oceania at the 2010 world champs in Turkey, and is also now the holder of the Ramsay trophy.

It was a sublime effort, led by Kirk Penny who once again lead his team with the coolness that was needed, kudos also has to go to unknown player Vukona, who scored 25 points and got 12 boards.

The importance of this victory should not be underestimated by the NewZealand media or sporting public, not for the fact that we won the series or will have a a easier group in Turkey, but for the fact Basketball is a truly global game and Australia is a top team, like our Ice Hockey counterparts a victory in Basketball over Australia is a much bigger acheivement than beating them in Rugby Union, Netball or Lawn Bowls, hopefully our media will acknowlege this, but Im not holding my breath.

So once again congrats to the New Zealand Basketball team for one of the great sporting victories in our Nation's history, and roll on the world champs.

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