Monday, August 17, 2009


How can a Human ran so fast? How can one person be so far ahead
of everybody else?

Usain Bolt today smashed the world record for the 100 metres, by running
an unheard of 9.58 and becoming the first man to break the 9.6 mark.

Is it the yams that he eats?

Is it his training schedule?

According to people involved in track and field, it's his height
that is a big advantage for Bolt.

Most sprinters aren't tall, because its harder to move longer legs quick.

But Bolt has managed it, giving the sporting world one of its most magical moments.

So how fast can Bolt go? He only slowed down a bit before the finish line, so is under 9.5 possible?

Personally I think yes, he's going to need people to push him, but surly this is not beyond Bolt.

The London Olympics in 2012 might be the stage for him to do it, everybody in his home land will hoping will be praying that he doesn't retire.

The people of Jamaica haven't had much to celebrate, with the demise of their cricket team and mother nature playing havoc with them over the past few years , but now they can celebrate, they have the fastest man on the planet and the fastest man in History.

Let the party begin.

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