Saturday, August 8, 2009

2010 Will be the biggest in NewZealand Sporting History

I wish it was 2010 already, because 2010 will be the biggest sporting year in New Zealand's history.

Not only does the Australian cricket team come here for tests, one dayers and 20/20 matches, we also have the Commenwealth games to look forward too, with our cyclists looking for their best games ever.

Then its the Basketball world champs. The Tall Blacks will be looking forward to recreate their 2002 form when they shocked the world by making the semis in the world's second biggest sport.

2010 will also see the football world cup, which just might see NewZealand playing for the first time since 1982, and I predict we will be.

Early predictions for 2010.

The Blackcaps to have their first series win over Australia.

Our cyclists to clean up, our swimmers to fail at the Commenwealth games.

The Tall Blacks to make the top eight at the Basketball champs.

The All Whites to get a result at the Football world cup.

ps: Just a note for international readers of this blog, Blackcaps are the nickname of our cricket team, Tall Blacks are the nickname of our Basketball team and the All Whites are the nickname of our football team. The nicknames are based on the colour of the team's uniform.

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