Monday, August 31, 2009

This man is a Genius

This man is a Genius and it doesn't take a Genius to figure that out. It does though take a good spell checker to spell Genius right.

So what makes someone take the leap from being intelligent to becoming a Genius??

Well the official explanation is apparently a Genius's work cannot only be original, creative or bright but it has to alter the expectation of its audience. You can according to the those who measure such things, be a Genius in Science, Art, Sportsmanship or Statesmanship.

But I'm thinking they are leaving out one very important characteristic which all Genius's have, they are comfortable in their own skin. Watch any interview with Sacha Cohen when he is not in Character and promoting a role, then is no comments to shock people, he is dressed in a normal shirt and tie, not quoting any 17th century poet, he is comfortable.

Watch some of the guests they have on the daily show, people with decades of experience who study topics such as energy and the environment, they haven't got a large thesaurus out trying to impress, because they feel comfortable with the subject they are speaking on.

Now I decided to write about Genius's when I saw programme they recently had on TV here in New Zealand, that featured two serious interviews one with a guy from a rock band, and one with a writer/comedian. Most of the talk on Internet forums the day after, talked about how these guys are genius's, but I disagree.

The first guy from a rock band, was dressed up in a 1930's outfit, with a little pencil like mustache and started making little wee comments between his smirks, the other was dressed up like Captain James Cook and was very theatrical, I'm guessing they thought it would make them look and sound artistic .

I didn't get that feeling, it smacked of effort, it doesn't take a genius to wear an old hat and grow a mustache and it also doesn't take a genius to dress up as Captain James Cook, for that you only need a good costume shop.

So my advice to people who would like to know if what they are reading is written by a genius or if the performer they are watching is a genius, just ask yourself, Has this person alter your expectation? and are they comfortable in their own skin?

For those that are interested, I'm currently wearing a Garth Brooks teeshirt, and am using my spellchecker over and over again.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

They're back and they're Spectacular

What a treat for TV fans, not only is the Office having a reunion, but the greatest show of the 90's and the second greatest show ever behind M*A*S*H is set for a comeback.

The main cast of Seinfeld will appear on six episodes of Larry David's Curb your Enthusiasm.

Seinfeld, George, Elaine and Kramer back together again after 11 year long years.

What can one say? Reruns of Seinfeld don't age, and what Seinfeld did in the 90's will never be match.

The storyline is being closely guarded, as you would expect, I'm personally think this comeback will be the mother of all comebacks. It's going to be close to perfection as you will ever see, this isn't going to be some lame attempt to relieve old glory, they are going to do to television, what they did to television in the 90's and totally blow the whole concept of what a sitcom should be.

Not that's there's anything wrong with that.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Office Reunion 2000-2010

On August 30th on BBC2 in England, The Office Reunion will take place, and I'm sure it will be a across the Internet within hours.

David Brent, Tim, Dawn and Gareth along with Stephen Merchant will be there.

How did this slip under the rader?

One of the greatest pieces of art in television history is going to be back on TV for one night only.

The show will of course feature all the usual deleted scenes, out takes and footage never shown before, plus interviews with the actors and maybe the actors themselves in their roles to show the public what has happened to each character.

Not many shows can say the changed television history, Mash in the 70's/80's, Seinfeld in the 90's and The Office, and for a show that only ever had 14 episodes, that is amazing.

Why was it so good???

The writing? the acting? the pauses?

IMHO, it was the directing, every scene was near perfection, they didn't make one mistake, it came off not as a sitcom but as a believable documentary, there was no shaky camera like most mock documentary's have, you didn't see the overhead microphones, they didn't need to do that to create a illusion.

It came off as a show that seem to have no effort put into it, but the truth is the reverse of that. The work Merchant and Gervais put in was beyond belief and that is the Genius of the Office.

What a treat for the fans.

I'm counting down the hours already.

Friday, August 28, 2009

An Open Letter to John Dybvig

Hi John, in regards to your appearance on TVNZ, when you downplayed the Tall Blacks Victory over Australia, don't you feel that TVNZ used you for that purpose?

They have a history of downplaying Basketball victories, and downplaying Basketball as a sport, and probably wanted a Basketball Journalist, not a mainstream journalist to give the story more credibility.

You see, the public is use to Journalists like Brendon Telfer and Joesph Romanos knocking any team sport that isn't Rugby Union or Netball, so they thought we better get an insider for this story.

Thye have done this ever since the days of the old national league in the early 80's

Normally I agree with most things you say, but I just think you were used by TVNZ.

Also, didn't Australia have two main players out, not six?

It's just a shame, that this victory which was one of the great sporting achievements for our country, had to be downplayed by our leading news network and the person who downplayed it, was the one guy who I thought would celebrate it.

Shame on the corrupt TVNZ and a sad day for your career.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Say Goodbye to the Big Guy

Robert is Gone.

Maybe the fun of Hell's Kitchen is gone too!

Last night, Chef Ramsay told Robert to take off his jacket and leave, in one of his more nicer sackings

I don't think Robert ever stood a chance in Hell's Kitchen.

After last season, where he left for health problems, Robert got a second chance in this series, in which he managed to get through the first few rounds unscathed. A slight relapse of his health, saw him miss one episode, but when he served up undercooked rabbit, that was the final straw.

He was a solid chef, and a decent bloke, but to serve up undercooked food to Rasmay after so many services, meant he was no,t what Ramsay was looking for.

The loud, rude, funny, fat guy has now left forever. The ratings will dip, I'm guessing he will be back for the final episode, to help out one of the two contestants win the big one.

I don't really like reality TV, the only three shows that are done with class IMHO are, Hell's Kitchen, The Apprentice and The Amazing race, and Robert should go into the hall of fame for these shows alongside, The College Boys from the Amazing Race and Brent Buckman from the Apprentice.

Yes he was funny, but he also had a kind gentle, honest nature with all the sincerity you could wish for in a human being. Rumor has it, he is starting his own restaurant, I for one would eat there in a heartbeat, I just won't order the Rabbit.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Zealand 100 Australia 78

For the second time in three days, New Zealand has created a huge sporting upset, this time by beating Australia in Basketball by the score of 100-78.

Aussie won the first test by seven points

The margin of 22 points in the second test means New Zealand wins the series, will get the top ranking for Oceania at the 2010 world champs in Turkey, and is also now the holder of the Ramsay trophy.

It was a sublime effort, led by Kirk Penny who once again lead his team with the coolness that was needed, kudos also has to go to unknown player Vukona, who scored 25 points and got 12 boards.

The importance of this victory should not be underestimated by the NewZealand media or sporting public, not for the fact that we won the series or will have a a easier group in Turkey, but for the fact Basketball is a truly global game and Australia is a top team, like our Ice Hockey counterparts a victory in Basketball over Australia is a much bigger acheivement than beating them in Rugby Union, Netball or Lawn Bowls, hopefully our media will acknowlege this, but Im not holding my breath.

So once again congrats to the New Zealand Basketball team for one of the great sporting victories in our Nation's history, and roll on the world champs.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Should Stewart go Mainstream?

Should Jon Stewart go mainstream? Lets face it, if your a college student you get your news from Stewart, so instead of doing a half hour comedy show four days a week, while not present the news on a main network.

Now CNN wont be calling him up, after he destroyed their top rating show "CrossFire" a few years back, by showing up as a guest and calling them up on their incompetent.

Fox news wont hire him, despite being liked by Chris Wallace and Shepherd, his attacks on Glenn Beck and the Fox News Station have been getting more vigorous, either since the coverage of Tea Bagger protests and the 9/12 project.

So should Stewart go to CBS or ABC, a show like 60 Minutes or 20/20 may suit him the best.

While he presents the days news in a lighthearted manner over on comedy central, (with help from the great John Oliver), it is the last segment of the show that makes it compulsory viewing.

His guests are intelligent, they are both from the left and right, there is no screaming match and best off, you always learn something from it.

Stewart now has three weeks off, I think his time with the daily show should end, he is needed elsewhere, a softer style of interviewing in these hard times, getting the facts in his own unique way, IMHO he would be a breath of fresh air, and a positive in the world of Television news.

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Zealand 5 Australia 4

A Historical moment for NewZealand sport over the weekend.

For the first time in our History, we have beaten Australia at Ice Hockey.

The Ice Blacks who have just recently made it into Division Two of World Ice Hockey has beaten Australia who are in Division one.

This is significant, Ice Hockey is truly a global sport, and we Kiwis are more use to victories in sports that are played by just a handful of countries, eg: Rugby, Netball and Lawn Bowls.

In fact I would go as far too say, in terms of team sports this is the best thing to happen to Kiwi sport since the Tall Blacks shocked the Basketball world by making the semi finals at the World Champs.

The Ice Blacks were supposed to get thrased at these Winter Games, but despite huge odds won a thriller.

While most the New Zealand sporting media, spent their time trying to make up Nicknames for a player of another code, (Hot Dan, Cool Dan, Dan the Man, Cool Hand Dan,) our Ice Blacks were making sporting History on the rink in Dunedin.

Lets hope this is the first step for Ice Hockey in New Zealand, a revamp national league would be great, remember what that did for BasketBall in the 80's here? The sport had a huge boost, thousand of screaming fans filled arenas every Saturday Night, the same can happen for Ice Hockey.

If only the media will give it a fair go.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramsay Voted Best in the UK

Although he may look like Freddy Kruger in this picture, although the Tabloids may be ripping him a new one every few weeks, although his Restaurants may be feeling the economic pinch, Gordon Ramsay is still a winner.

He has been voted one of the two best Chefs in the UK, and his flagship Restaurant, has been voted one of the best Restaurants in the UK.

His workload is unimaginable, he has a dozen Restaurants to run, half a dozen television series and countless speaking engagements and on top of that he is raising a family.

Still his passion for cooking hasn't died down, every Chef under his wing is personally trained by Ramsay, every recipe used is one of his, everything that comes out of one of his kitchens has to be perfect.

That is why Ramsay will always be a winner, his devotion to what he loves, the fact he puts his heart and soul into everything he touches, he needs to be applauded, not criticize for what he has done for his chosen field.

He is in every sense a winner, and no amount of dropping the F bomb on Television can change that.

Hats off to him!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Strait to the Top with a little Twang

George has gone Strait to the top with a little Twang.

That is George Strait, and his album Twang.

Yet another number one album on the Billboard Top 200 for Mr Strait.

I haven't heard one song from this album, yet, because I'm waiting in anticipation.

You see, normally you know what you are getting from Mr Strait, a Traditional sounding country album, he's done this for 28 years. This time around, it's slightly different, first off he gotten into the writing side of things, instead of having song writers.

Secondly, this album has had overwhelming positive reviews, (normal for a Strait album), what isn't normal though is all the critics are saying this might surprise some people.

So instead of usual listening to bits and pieces on youtube and various other places, I'm going to go cold turkey until Twang gets released here in New Zealand.

Hopefully I won't be dissapointed, hopefully this will add a whole new concept to the music of George Strait, judging by public reaction so far, it has done just that.

Do we dare use the word Grammy already?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Everything we have been taught about Bullies through the ages is wrong. Every Psychologist, every Teacher, anyone who has been asked to explain why Bullies bully is wrong.

Now I have always believed what the above people taught us about Bullies, until a few years ago when I read a brilliant article in Slate magazine, written by an FBI agent, who said we must forget all we have been told about why Bullies, bully.

I wish I still had link, but I try and sum up his main points.

First, Bullies don't have above normal intelligent, this was thought up by some Child Psychologist, thinking if we can increase the self esteem of Bullies, they wont bully anymore.

Secondly, they don't have low self esteem, quite the opposite, they normally have an over the top belief of their own self worth, and cannot believe they would be put in situations where they have to be in a group of people they deemed beneath them.

Bullies don't come from poor backgrounds, they come from wealthy families and have a distrust of people who aren't in their own circle.

Bullies don't want to be loved, they don't give a flying fraggle want people think of them, because they are caught up in their own little world.

The big problem according to this FBI agent, is there is no changing their behaviour, no matter how hard society tries, the only thing that can be done is to stop the misinformation, stop trying to inflate their already massive ego's by telling them they are bright, funny and a great person, and the very last thing you should do is give them a reality TV show.

My theory is, forget about the bullies and worry about the victim, all these teachers and child Psychologists should spend their time and effort into helping the victims.

Unfortunately in today's society it's the other way around.

Monday, August 17, 2009


How can a Human ran so fast? How can one person be so far ahead
of everybody else?

Usain Bolt today smashed the world record for the 100 metres, by running
an unheard of 9.58 and becoming the first man to break the 9.6 mark.

Is it the yams that he eats?

Is it his training schedule?

According to people involved in track and field, it's his height
that is a big advantage for Bolt.

Most sprinters aren't tall, because its harder to move longer legs quick.

But Bolt has managed it, giving the sporting world one of its most magical moments.

So how fast can Bolt go? He only slowed down a bit before the finish line, so is under 9.5 possible?

Personally I think yes, he's going to need people to push him, but surly this is not beyond Bolt.

The London Olympics in 2012 might be the stage for him to do it, everybody in his home land will hoping will be praying that he doesn't retire.

The people of Jamaica haven't had much to celebrate, with the demise of their cricket team and mother nature playing havoc with them over the past few years , but now they can celebrate, they have the fastest man on the planet and the fastest man in History.

Let the party begin.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Viva Garth Vegas

When one website has a rumor, you kinda downplay it. When that same rumor is picked up by another website and that website is pretty much mainstream and there is no 100% denial of the rumor then perhaps there is something more to it.

Garth Brooks, the biggest selling solo artist in USA history with over 128 million albums sold in that country alone, is rumored that he has signed on to do a 16 week stint in Vegas.

The retired Garth brooks, who hasn't toured since 1998, apart from the old string of charity concerts and who hasn't released a new studio album since 2001, would surly sell out every show.

The question comes to mind though, why not just come out of retirement?? Yep, Garth has previously said he wont come out of retirement until his youngest daughter is 18, that would be 2014, but I'm guessing three teenage daughters wouldn't want to be hanging out with Dad all the time.

He could easily just do a summer concert tour for 8-10 ten weeks, and support the tour with a new album, he wouldn't have any pressure from a record label because he owns the rights to his entire catalog and has got his own record company.

He still has a loyal and fanatical fan base, it would work.

I'm guessing playing in the one city, Vegas, has more to do with his ongoing charity work, and hats off to the man for dedicating his time to his family and to help others, but on a purely selfish standpoint, it would be kinda neat to see Garth Brooks tour again, I'm sure all his Friends in Low Places would turn up.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Greetings Mr Beck.

I have watched you for the past several months, and something was troubling me, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, you reminded me of someone from my past, I thought maybe I was crazy, but it hit me, you remind of a person I knew when I was 11, his name was Michael Unitia.

Like yourself, he seem to like to mock people who had different beliefs, he wouldn't try to hide it, and like most bully's he wasn't as clever as he thought it was.

You see he wouldnt use wit or satire, his idea of getting his point across would be to pull a face, over use his hand gestures, and put on a comic type voice, the other bullies loved him.

But his victims were always the weaker students, a girl who had problem with shyness, a fat kid, a kid who was into the environment and not the hottest band of the time, and myself, just a short kid who loved the sport of soccer.

When I see you on TV, I think of him, its not the fact that you don't want a raise in the Minimum wage despite being on decent wage yourself , it's not the fact that you have spread lies about the Health care system that european countries use, its your nastiness.

It was the speech you gave on President Obama's birthday that made me first think of Michael.

The fact that you were laughing at your own cruelness, making fun of someone's dead parents, it had nothing to do with conservationism, or just having a laugh, it was mean. I don't think I can feel sorry for you, I can only feel for someone if they have compassion.

That speech you gave and the way you gave it, reminded me of Michael in everyway possible, it was uncanny.

I guess the only advice I can give you is, is to tell you your not helping your cause doing this, but I'm guessing that is not your goal, your goal is too make money and like Michael your impressing the other bullies in doing so.

I just felt sad that a adult would act like you.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Telethon Raises $1.9 Million

Telethon raised $1.9 Million for the KidsCan charity over the weekend. TV3 hosted the event for the first time.

Although the 1.9 million is going to a good cause and will help over 30 thousand kids in poverty, the telethon wasn't considered to be that successful by many in the media, they gave several reasons, including the recession and the stars hosting the events to the cause itself.

I think they went wrong with a few things.

The cause was a good one, but the hosts didn't have the X factor and kids who are normally the big audience weren't interested in seeing Tom Bradly and GaryMcCormick.

When I was growing up the guests were considered cool at the time, the cast of Hill Street Blues and La Law, Leeza Gibbons and Kenny Everett. For some reason Tv3 felt the need to bring in an Aussie actor from a 80's skit show, Con the Grocer, who did nothing.

Can you imagine the excitement if they had of gotten a Miley Cyrus or a Kelly Clarkson or someone from Prison Break or Scahen Cohen or the Top Gear guys. They would of raised 10 million at least.

Now of course telethon is more about what Celebs come out, but the people who do come out have to be involved.

I worked for a charity in the late 90's and was able to get bigger people than the ones that appeared on tv'3 telethon.

What could of been done better is advertising, this event had no buzz, no one was talking about it, there was no feeling of community involvement, the venues were half empty, because no one seemed to cared.

Don't get me wrong, it's great for Kidscan to have 1.9 million, but someone needs to be fired at tv3 for this very poor effort, because a lot more could of been raised.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

2010 Will be the biggest in NewZealand Sporting History

I wish it was 2010 already, because 2010 will be the biggest sporting year in New Zealand's history.

Not only does the Australian cricket team come here for tests, one dayers and 20/20 matches, we also have the Commenwealth games to look forward too, with our cyclists looking for their best games ever.

Then its the Basketball world champs. The Tall Blacks will be looking forward to recreate their 2002 form when they shocked the world by making the semis in the world's second biggest sport.

2010 will also see the football world cup, which just might see NewZealand playing for the first time since 1982, and I predict we will be.

Early predictions for 2010.

The Blackcaps to have their first series win over Australia.

Our cyclists to clean up, our swimmers to fail at the Commenwealth games.

The Tall Blacks to make the top eight at the Basketball champs.

The All Whites to get a result at the Football world cup.

ps: Just a note for international readers of this blog, Blackcaps are the nickname of our cricket team, Tall Blacks are the nickname of our Basketball team and the All Whites are the nickname of our football team. The nicknames are based on the colour of the team's uniform.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Severus Snape

Now I have a machine gun too, Ho Ho Ho.

Who would of thought that when British actor Alan Rickman uttered these words in the first Die Hard Movie over twenty years ago, that he would surpass every child's dream and give what might be one of most perfect acting performances in history.

I say this, because the pressure on him to recreate Severus Snape from the Harry Potter books to the big screen was immense.

But he nailed it, this actor who's other big role, Robin Hood the Prince of thiefs, saved that movie, could of gone into the Harry Potter series, read in his lines without any work, and let the special effects take it course.

He didn't, I dont think any other actor who's taken a role from a book to the big screen has done it with so much perfection, that your left sitting there wondering why is this guy so good?

He is not talked about in film circles as a genuis, he isnt covered in awards, but he does what he has to do and he becomes the role.

At the start of this post I mentioned the line from the first Die hard Movie, long before, J K Rowling had even thought of Harry Potter, and I see so much of Snape in the Villian in that movie, it's scary.

So thank you to Alan Rickman for the performance of Snape, because that what it was, a performance, if there was any justice in thw world, a little gold statue would be delivered to Hogwarts.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taito Phillip Field Guilty

Taito Phillip Field has been found guilty.

He was found guilty of 26 charges of 35 against him.

Among the bribery and corruption charges he was also found guilty of obstruction.

For those outside of New Zealand, Taito was a NZ Politician who offered visas to Asian immigrants if they would provide free work on his house and for cash gifts.

A more darker side of human nature appeared after the verdict was read.

His sister, screamed at the media that this is the fault of the "Freakin Asians" and that they were going to go down. I sincerely hope the police will look into this.

It's an ugly side of Nature, that poor Immigrants from Asia would be used by this man in power and for his supporters to spew racial abuse is sad.

In the coming weeks, Taito's family will play the race card to fire up his supporters, they will say he only got found guilty because of his race , the irony is that they themselves are racist for using and blaming Asian immigrants for his crimes.

The facts though are.

Taito Phillip Field was found guilty.

The Labour party took to long to sack him.

Some hard working immigrants are now out of pocket.

Lets hope the media and public and politicans contuine to fight for immigrants against racist politicans and their family members.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chris Gaines

It was ten years ago that the Chris Gaines album came out. It was also ten years that the media gave itself a blackeye, by trashing one of the most incredible pieces of art in music history.

The media's treatment of this album was sickening. Garth actually had to put up with late night phone calls from Journalists asking him if he was suffering from a nervous breakdown and if he had a disorder that they were unaware of.

For some reason the media played dumb and couldn't figure out the concept. They came out with one liners, bagging the album before they ever listened to it.

If they did research, they would know Chris Gaines was given life in 1996, when Garth Brooks wrote a screen play about a fictional grunge artist from Australia who suffers a horrific car accident, according to the rumors in 1996 the plot also involved a murder the night of the grammy's with a coverup that gets uncovered by a journalist.

That was in 1996, paramount signed up to make the movie in 2000, but wanted Garth to do the soundtrack in 1999, which he did in the typical Garth way.

No stone was left unturn in the life of Chris Gaines, Chris's background, his parent background, his musical biography.

Apparently that wasn't enough for the media, they still played dumb, the reminded me of high school bullies when the geeky kids announces he's doing an experiment that they don't understand they just mock it and ask questions that are meant to embarrass.

So the album got released, there weren't actual reviews of the albums just pathetic questions directed to Garth, the album or movie didn't stand a chance, and then the screenwriter's wife was diagnosed with an aggresive form of cancer, delaying the final script, and Garth didn't want to push the man whilst his wife was ill.

(Thanks to BLL from Planet Garth for the information about the screenwriter, part of this blog post is taken from his message at the Planet Garth forums)

That was a crying shame because the music on the album was pure genius, this wasn't some ego driven project like Eminem's eight mile. The specific reason Garth made it about a Aussie grunge artist was that people couldn't say that hes making a movie about himself.

The handful of critics that actually reviewed the music, compared the style to a cross between Dylan and the Beatles. If you were handed the album and not told of the artist's name you would be blown away by the melody's, the soulfulness of the lyrics and the message, IMHO Garth's Chris Gaines's album was on a level of the best pieces of musical art in history.

I'm guessing if the Chris Gaines was thought up by Eddie Vedder or Eminem or any artist that wasn't involved in country music, it would of sweep the grammy's.

It's too bad the media hasn't grown up yet, I'm guessing they are saving all their good reviews for Britney Spears.

Meanwhile an album with such Classics as Lost in you and Drifitng Away and It don't matter to the sun is put to the back burner because the artist that created them was named Garth Brooks.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


This game remind me of the Oilers versus the Bills playoff match in the early 90's. No team should lose being 32-6 ahead. Heads must roll.