Friday, July 3, 2009

Stars In Their Eyes Makes Massive Blunder

The New Zealand version of Stars in their eyes has made another massive blunder.

Last year, host Simon Barnett and the writers embarrassed every country music fan, by saying Ronan Keating must be so thrilled with a contestant's version of his song "If Tomorrow Never Comes. If Tomorrow Never Comes is a Garth Brooks song, the contestant just did Ronan's version of it.

Well this year was another blunder and another kick in the face to country music by TVNZ.

A contestant on the show was taking off Garth Brooks and he sung the song "The Thunder Rolls", the backup singers for some reason , sung it like a love song, and when he had finished, Mr Barnett told him, that the song was lovely and he must sing that to his wife every night.

Well Mr Barnett if you actually listened to the song, or did your research, you would know that the song was about domestic violence, spousal abuse and murder, it wasn't a ballad.

The contestant looked dumbfounded by Barnett's comment and could only say "I don't sing that song to my wife"

Still I should of seen it coming, this is the treatment that TVNZ continues to give country music, although just once I would like someone involved with TVNZ to have a little credibility, it hasn't happen yet.

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