Monday, July 13, 2009

Pot Kettle Black

Mr Ricky Ponting must be up for Hypocrite of the year award.

For Ponting, a captain who has twisted the rules, who has stood by cheating players, who developed a friendship with a leading umpire just to help his cause, has the audacity to complain that another team, must be using time to their advantage is beyond belief.

I guess this is why even Australians will say that Ponting is the worst Australian cricket captain of all time, and the least respected.

Some cricket players play buy the rules, some dont, some appeal when they shouldn't, some dont walk when they get an edge, but most are homest about what type of player they are.

Ponting isnt, he reminds me of a bully at school, who would beat up kids and cause misery, but if someone stands up to him, he is the first to go to the Principal and cry.

One person bought shame to the game of cricket in the weekend, and it wasn't Monty, it was Ponting.

Your a hypocrite Ponting and cricket is worse off for it.

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