Thursday, July 30, 2009

Natasha Fuller's story gets more sinster

The big story in New Zealand is about a lady named Natasha Fuller, she wrote on her facebook page that part of her welfare cheque (she is a solo mother with three kids) has been stopped. Under new laws, a training allowance to get welfare reciepents back to work has now been dropped, so thus Fuller is now out of pocket.

She also wrote that her three kids have special needs, and is struggling, and how unfair it is that a allowance to help unemployed people get back to work would be stopped.

She still gets the normal rate for a solo mother though.

Well the sh*t really hit the fan when National Party Politician Paula Bennett released her details to the media to bring fairness to the story. Was it fair to do this? Did Paula breach the privacy act or not?

That has been pushed to the background, with everything that has been coming out about Ms Fuller.

First off, she has a two story lockwood house and a very expensive laptop which she uses for her facebook page , she recieved ten thousand dollars from WINZ (Government wlefare agency) for a business that had failed, she has never been asked to pay it back, she has admitted receiving over $730 a week for her benefit.

It has now come to light, an allegation that she has made secret phone calls to Annette King, a senior member of the Labour Party, before Paula Bennett released her details to the media.

It has also come to light that Ms Fuller may of been living off her partner's credit card and didn't tell WINZ, which would be fraud. Further investiagations shows that she used three different names on public messages boards when telling of her exploits with her ex's credit card.

As each day passes, this story gets worse and worse for Ms Fuller.

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