Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kenny Chesney Disses Garth

Kenny Chensey needs to realize something if he wants to be one of the greats, if your going to make a comment about another artist, please don't be so generic and just come out with a cheap shot soundbite that you know the mass media will love and use to sell papers to Neanderthals.

In a interview this week, Mr Chesney was ask will he ever do an album like Garth Brooks, under another name, eg: Chris Gaines.

He basically replied,that he will never put on wig and use a different name.

Well Mr Chesney and to all Garth Brooks knockers, do you really think that is all the Chris Gaines project was about.

Are you really that stupid, do you really think Garth thought, "Im going to put on wig and do a rock album"

FYI, Mr Chesney the Chris Gaines project was a screenplay written by Garth in 1996, and was going to be a movie released in 2000 by Paramount, Garth was asked by Paramount to do a soundtrack for the project, he agreed.

Two things happened that stopped the movie going ahead, one the producer had martial problems that lead to a nervous breakdown, and the prequel album didnt sell what was expected.

It was more than just about Garth putting on a wig. But Mr Chesney you had to appeal to the lowest common demonitator, great artists don't do that, Im afraid.

In 40 years time, what songs will be most remembered, The Dance, If Tomorrow Never Comes, Friends in Low Places, or the works of Kenny Chesney, it doesnt take a genuis in a wig to figure that out.

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