Monday, July 27, 2009

Here We Go

Come on Chelsea, Come on Chelsea, Come on Chelsea.

The Chelsea football team and the biggest country artist in history make strange bedfellows.

But when your Garth, and have spent the past nine years of your life doing charity work, its not so strange.

Garth was made honorary captain of the Chelsea football team for their preseason match against club America in the weekend. Garth's teammates for kids charity has joined with the Chelsea football team's leading children charity to make a difference in youngster's lifes in the UK and the USA.

I think it is high time the critics of Garth got over the Chris Gaines thing and started to give Mr Brooks more credit for the work that he has done over the years, so many superstars in the music world, spend their time in drug rehab and are in jail for assaulting their girlfriends, but Garth has spent his time trying to make a difference, hats off to him and the Chelsea football team for this, I only hope the media do the same thing.

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