Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Amazing Race

If anyone watched season 13 and 14 of the Amazing Race, you would of noticed, despite all the road blocks and uturns and detours, and airlines and strong physically teams and strong mental teams and teams that are nice and teams that are mean, the race normally always comes down to one thing.

Taxi drivers.

I love the Amazing race but the taxi drivers have seemed to have too much of a impact over the past two seasons.

In season 13, the greatest team ever to compete on the amazing race, Andrew and Dan, AKA: The College Boys/Dandrew, made the final and were on their way to the last task, when their Taxi driver decided to drive 40 miles an hour in the wrong direction on the freeway, thus costing them a chance of a million dollars.

In season 14, the cheerleaders, two people who were mean spirited too the locals and were basically bratty, got their just desserts when they got stuck with a Taxi driver who drove them to the wrong place.

I hope the producers will look back over the past two seasons and try to make sure for season 15 that Taxi drivers don't have such a big impact on the show and the biggest impact is the contestants ability to do the tasks.

Can't wait for season 15.

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