Thursday, July 30, 2009

Natasha Fuller's story gets more sinster

The big story in New Zealand is about a lady named Natasha Fuller, she wrote on her facebook page that part of her welfare cheque (she is a solo mother with three kids) has been stopped. Under new laws, a training allowance to get welfare reciepents back to work has now been dropped, so thus Fuller is now out of pocket.

She also wrote that her three kids have special needs, and is struggling, and how unfair it is that a allowance to help unemployed people get back to work would be stopped.

She still gets the normal rate for a solo mother though.

Well the sh*t really hit the fan when National Party Politician Paula Bennett released her details to the media to bring fairness to the story. Was it fair to do this? Did Paula breach the privacy act or not?

That has been pushed to the background, with everything that has been coming out about Ms Fuller.

First off, she has a two story lockwood house and a very expensive laptop which she uses for her facebook page , she recieved ten thousand dollars from WINZ (Government wlefare agency) for a business that had failed, she has never been asked to pay it back, she has admitted receiving over $730 a week for her benefit.

It has now come to light, an allegation that she has made secret phone calls to Annette King, a senior member of the Labour Party, before Paula Bennett released her details to the media.

It has also come to light that Ms Fuller may of been living off her partner's credit card and didn't tell WINZ, which would be fraud. Further investiagations shows that she used three different names on public messages boards when telling of her exploits with her ex's credit card.

As each day passes, this story gets worse and worse for Ms Fuller.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Here We Go

Come on Chelsea, Come on Chelsea, Come on Chelsea.

The Chelsea football team and the biggest country artist in history make strange bedfellows.

But when your Garth, and have spent the past nine years of your life doing charity work, its not so strange.

Garth was made honorary captain of the Chelsea football team for their preseason match against club America in the weekend. Garth's teammates for kids charity has joined with the Chelsea football team's leading children charity to make a difference in youngster's lifes in the UK and the USA.

I think it is high time the critics of Garth got over the Chris Gaines thing and started to give Mr Brooks more credit for the work that he has done over the years, so many superstars in the music world, spend their time in drug rehab and are in jail for assaulting their girlfriends, but Garth has spent his time trying to make a difference, hats off to him and the Chelsea football team for this, I only hope the media do the same thing.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Justin Vaughan you have failed. You have failed as a CEO. You have failed to do the best for New Zealand Cricket. You have failed to admit this is a disaster. You have failed in your job. There is only one thing for you to do and that is to resign your position as head of NewZealand cricket.

For yourself to come out and declare victory in signing top New Zealand players to play Australia and that they had integrity for putting country before dollars was a lie.

You see, those players were already going to play for NewZealand because the start of the season doesn't clash with the IPL season. Now the truth has come out and it's awful for the crcket lovers of out country.

You have agreed to drop a test against Australia, so the likes of Mill's and Oram wont miss a match for their IPL team, that means only two tests against them this summer.

That is not a test series, its an adbomination, they arent hereo's for choosing country over the dollar, infact its the opposite, they would of gone in screaming into the negoitations, that you better not have a third test or else they wont play at all.

You caved in, instead of telling them where to go and tearing up their contract, you caved in and worse of all you tried to declare victory and say it's a good thing.

Well its not Mr Vaughan, you have destroyed this summer and that is unforgiveable, do the honorable thing and resign.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Look who's Back!!!!!!!!!!

He's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A genuine surprise on a reality TV show. Last year everybody's favorite Robert had to leave Hell's Kitchen because of heart problems.

Well on tonight's opening episode of season six, there was Robert with his wife, set to enjoy a meal, when Ramsay invited him back as a contestant.

He excepted!

That actually came as a shock, something that reality TV fails to do, except for the amazing race.

The best of luck to Robert, he is by far the most entertaining and genuine person to appear on Hell's Kitchen and he cook.

Lets hope he has a long and healthy stay on the show.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kenny Chesney Disses Garth

Kenny Chensey needs to realize something if he wants to be one of the greats, if your going to make a comment about another artist, please don't be so generic and just come out with a cheap shot soundbite that you know the mass media will love and use to sell papers to Neanderthals.

In a interview this week, Mr Chesney was ask will he ever do an album like Garth Brooks, under another name, eg: Chris Gaines.

He basically replied,that he will never put on wig and use a different name.

Well Mr Chesney and to all Garth Brooks knockers, do you really think that is all the Chris Gaines project was about.

Are you really that stupid, do you really think Garth thought, "Im going to put on wig and do a rock album"

FYI, Mr Chesney the Chris Gaines project was a screenplay written by Garth in 1996, and was going to be a movie released in 2000 by Paramount, Garth was asked by Paramount to do a soundtrack for the project, he agreed.

Two things happened that stopped the movie going ahead, one the producer had martial problems that lead to a nervous breakdown, and the prequel album didnt sell what was expected.

It was more than just about Garth putting on a wig. But Mr Chesney you had to appeal to the lowest common demonitator, great artists don't do that, Im afraid.

In 40 years time, what songs will be most remembered, The Dance, If Tomorrow Never Comes, Friends in Low Places, or the works of Kenny Chesney, it doesnt take a genuis in a wig to figure that out.

The Amazing Race

If anyone watched season 13 and 14 of the Amazing Race, you would of noticed, despite all the road blocks and uturns and detours, and airlines and strong physically teams and strong mental teams and teams that are nice and teams that are mean, the race normally always comes down to one thing.

Taxi drivers.

I love the Amazing race but the taxi drivers have seemed to have too much of a impact over the past two seasons.

In season 13, the greatest team ever to compete on the amazing race, Andrew and Dan, AKA: The College Boys/Dandrew, made the final and were on their way to the last task, when their Taxi driver decided to drive 40 miles an hour in the wrong direction on the freeway, thus costing them a chance of a million dollars.

In season 14, the cheerleaders, two people who were mean spirited too the locals and were basically bratty, got their just desserts when they got stuck with a Taxi driver who drove them to the wrong place.

I hope the producers will look back over the past two seasons and try to make sure for season 15 that Taxi drivers don't have such a big impact on the show and the biggest impact is the contestants ability to do the tasks.

Can't wait for season 15.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pot Kettle Black

Mr Ricky Ponting must be up for Hypocrite of the year award.

For Ponting, a captain who has twisted the rules, who has stood by cheating players, who developed a friendship with a leading umpire just to help his cause, has the audacity to complain that another team, must be using time to their advantage is beyond belief.

I guess this is why even Australians will say that Ponting is the worst Australian cricket captain of all time, and the least respected.

Some cricket players play buy the rules, some dont, some appeal when they shouldn't, some dont walk when they get an edge, but most are homest about what type of player they are.

Ponting isnt, he reminds me of a bully at school, who would beat up kids and cause misery, but if someone stands up to him, he is the first to go to the Principal and cry.

One person bought shame to the game of cricket in the weekend, and it wasn't Monty, it was Ponting.

Your a hypocrite Ponting and cricket is worse off for it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


If you thought Borat was offensive, then wait till you see Bruno.

It's best not to take the kids!

1o out of 10!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trade Me Users Need To Get Smart

Over on the New Zealand auction site, someone is auctioning off, a replica jacket that Michael Jackson wore during his beat it video.

The bidding is up to $455 dollars and could possibly get to a $1000.

If all these bidders were to do research they would find out that the same replica jackets are going for between 50-150 dollars on Ebay.

It doesnt help though that the Timaru Herald (I'm sure you have heard of it) is claiming that this jacket is rare and one of a kind.

What's that old saying again about a fool and his money???

Friday, July 3, 2009

Stars In Their Eyes Makes Massive Blunder

The New Zealand version of Stars in their eyes has made another massive blunder.

Last year, host Simon Barnett and the writers embarrassed every country music fan, by saying Ronan Keating must be so thrilled with a contestant's version of his song "If Tomorrow Never Comes. If Tomorrow Never Comes is a Garth Brooks song, the contestant just did Ronan's version of it.

Well this year was another blunder and another kick in the face to country music by TVNZ.

A contestant on the show was taking off Garth Brooks and he sung the song "The Thunder Rolls", the backup singers for some reason , sung it like a love song, and when he had finished, Mr Barnett told him, that the song was lovely and he must sing that to his wife every night.

Well Mr Barnett if you actually listened to the song, or did your research, you would know that the song was about domestic violence, spousal abuse and murder, it wasn't a ballad.

The contestant looked dumbfounded by Barnett's comment and could only say "I don't sing that song to my wife"

Still I should of seen it coming, this is the treatment that TVNZ continues to give country music, although just once I would like someone involved with TVNZ to have a little credibility, it hasn't happen yet.