Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Taylor Swift Hits It Big In New Zealand

Congrats to country singer Taylor Swift, her new album has hit it big in New Zealand, its currently in the number two spot on our charts and unlike Shania Twain she didnt need to remix it to suit a pop audience, its got a country sound.

Unfortunately retail and media in New Zealand are trying to hide the fact that she is a country artist, her CD is not in the country section and music journalists arent even mentioning that she is country.

Why is this?

Are they embrassed that they like a country artist, do they think the music buying public will run away and not buy her album?? This is really pathetic, they remind me of the school kids at school, who if dont like the same genre of music as they do, wouldnt let you sit at their table and it was a crime to admit your a country fan.

Well guess what New Zealand retail she is country she is massive popular and even though you have a "Keep Quiet" attuide about country artists, it cant change the fact, that she is country.

Retail in New Zealand needs to grow up, anyway that is my little rant for the day, it is great news that a country artist is getting air time here, I only wish the media would admit that she is a country artist.

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