Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nrl Versus Super 14 TV Ratings

Those that still watch TVNZ, would of notice they have been comparing the TV ratings to the NRL over the super 14. Basically countrywide, the super 14 is doing better, but in Auckland the NRL is doing better.

Perhaps New Zealand sports journalist would like to compare the TV ratings in Australia.

Well its no comparison, and in fact the Under 20's (The Toyota Cup) in the NRL, have been outrating the super 14 in Aussie. While the actual NRL is on another planet.

That is amazing, an age group sports comp is getting higher ratings than the super 14.

But I guess our Journos wont mention that, they still need to tell a lie, that Union is somehow a growing global sport and is in competition with League over the Tasman. The truth is different, during the winter in Australia it has and always will be League and Aussie Rules, with Union the poor redheaded cousin that no one talks too.

Its about time our media here stops kidding themselves, but then they would actually have to do their jobs and stop being a puppet of the NZRFU.

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