Friday, March 20, 2009

Enjoying your last match Mills?

Meet NewZealand's cricket laziest player.

His name is Kyle Mills, for six years we have been told this man is an all rounder who must be in the team.

Well he certainly meets all the elements of an all rounder, batting, bowling and fielding, its too bad he sucks at all of these. He has only scored one 50 in 28 innings, with a average of 12.

Yep an average of 12, that would be good if he was a number 11 batsmen.

Now some would say hes in their for his bowling, but in 29 innings he has only taken 43 wickets and hes given the new ball, yes that is correct, he has also never taken a five wicket bag.

So how can someone suck so much and be in the team???

Politics? maybe? lack of depth, probably.

What makes matter worse for Mills, he is a mediocre fielder, now some people may be able to forgive this, but when you have all this against you and you show poor judgement, (taking out Ryder for a few drinks, despite his problem with booze) you have to question his place in the team.

To top it all off, he is lazy, he doesn't do the extra training, he doesn't run around the boundary rope, he doesn't even try to give the impression that he does this, he is in the team to collect a pay cheque and nothing else.

Time has come for New Zealand cricket to end this so called career, Mills doesn't deserve to represent his country and doesn't deserve to call himself a international sportsperson.

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