Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Artist of the 00's

Meet the artist of the 00's, if the 90's in music in the USA were dominated by Garth Brooks, well the 21st century has been dominated by George Strait. George Strait had his debut album in 1981, and owned country music in the 80's, in the 1990's music , not just country music was owned by Garth Brooks.

But when Garth Brooks retired in 2001 to concentrate on raising a family, country music needed someone to take the reigns.

Mr Strait did, and in April of this year, will be awarded the artist of the decade award.

Despite his best work being in the 80's, George Strait has always done his genre proud, artists such as Garth Brooks still call themselves "A George Strait Wanna be", they still mention George Strait as their number one influence in their music and rightly so.

Where to now for George Strait, he will still continue to sing and sell out stadiums , he wont change his style for anyone and that has got to be a good thing.

What I would like to see this year is a tribute album to Mr Strait, by today's leading artists.

Having someone like Garth Brooks sing "Unwound" would surly be a fitting tribute to the great George Strait.

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