Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nrl Versus Super 14 TV Ratings

Those that still watch TVNZ, would of notice they have been comparing the TV ratings to the NRL over the super 14. Basically countrywide, the super 14 is doing better, but in Auckland the NRL is doing better.

Perhaps New Zealand sports journalist would like to compare the TV ratings in Australia.

Well its no comparison, and in fact the Under 20's (The Toyota Cup) in the NRL, have been outrating the super 14 in Aussie. While the actual NRL is on another planet.

That is amazing, an age group sports comp is getting higher ratings than the super 14.

But I guess our Journos wont mention that, they still need to tell a lie, that Union is somehow a growing global sport and is in competition with League over the Tasman. The truth is different, during the winter in Australia it has and always will be League and Aussie Rules, with Union the poor redheaded cousin that no one talks too.

Its about time our media here stops kidding themselves, but then they would actually have to do their jobs and stop being a puppet of the NZRFU.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why oh Why Jesse Ryder

A year ago, the Barmy army made fun of the Jesse Ryder incident, by doing a spoof version of a Neil Diamond song, they called the song Why oh Why Jesse Ryder. Well what a difference a year makes, back to back centuries in the first and second test, he is unbeaten on 137 overnight and New Zealand is 351/4 after the first day of the second test.

Can we do the impossible and tie the series, if Ryder goes on and makes a double century, New Zealand should get close to 500 and will be in a great position if the pitch takes turn.

That's the beauty of test cricket, you may be down and out one day, but two sessions of a days play can turn around a career.

20 Years Ago

This single was released, and music would never be the same again.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Garth Brooks sings Rodeo on Leno 2009

How else do you follow up, Obama, well with the biggest selling artist in USA history, MR Garth Brooks.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Enjoying your last match Mills?

Meet NewZealand's cricket laziest player.

His name is Kyle Mills, for six years we have been told this man is an all rounder who must be in the team.

Well he certainly meets all the elements of an all rounder, batting, bowling and fielding, its too bad he sucks at all of these. He has only scored one 50 in 28 innings, with a average of 12.

Yep an average of 12, that would be good if he was a number 11 batsmen.

Now some would say hes in their for his bowling, but in 29 innings he has only taken 43 wickets and hes given the new ball, yes that is correct, he has also never taken a five wicket bag.

So how can someone suck so much and be in the team???

Politics? maybe? lack of depth, probably.

What makes matter worse for Mills, he is a mediocre fielder, now some people may be able to forgive this, but when you have all this against you and you show poor judgement, (taking out Ryder for a few drinks, despite his problem with booze) you have to question his place in the team.

To top it all off, he is lazy, he doesn't do the extra training, he doesn't run around the boundary rope, he doesn't even try to give the impression that he does this, he is in the team to collect a pay cheque and nothing else.

Time has come for New Zealand cricket to end this so called career, Mills doesn't deserve to represent his country and doesn't deserve to call himself a international sportsperson.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Taylor Swift Hits It Big In New Zealand

Congrats to country singer Taylor Swift, her new album has hit it big in New Zealand, its currently in the number two spot on our charts and unlike Shania Twain she didnt need to remix it to suit a pop audience, its got a country sound.

Unfortunately retail and media in New Zealand are trying to hide the fact that she is a country artist, her CD is not in the country section and music journalists arent even mentioning that she is country.

Why is this?

Are they embrassed that they like a country artist, do they think the music buying public will run away and not buy her album?? This is really pathetic, they remind me of the school kids at school, who if dont like the same genre of music as they do, wouldnt let you sit at their table and it was a crime to admit your a country fan.

Well guess what New Zealand retail she is country she is massive popular and even though you have a "Keep Quiet" attuide about country artists, it cant change the fact, that she is country.

Retail in New Zealand needs to grow up, anyway that is my little rant for the day, it is great news that a country artist is getting air time here, I only wish the media would admit that she is a country artist.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mr Sheep

First heard this song as a little wee kid and I loved it then, I'm a big kid now and I still love it, no one does music like this better than Randy Newman.

Can this man beat India?

Your up Vettori!

Your New Zealand's best player and the second best kiwi player of all time behind Hadlee.

You should be playing on a spinners pitch, so its up to you.

This team needs a win before the tests, if we fail in the last one dayer, we could be looking at a test series thrashing not seen for the past 50 years.

The weather will be fine, and the hopes of a nation rests with you.

Good Luck!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Robert Survives Another Week

Robert has survived another week in Hell's Kitchen, despite making the mistake of throwing away too much food.

He has earned respect by asking Gordon not to call him Bobby because that was his father's name who was abusive to him.

I still think Robert is being used by the producers and has no chance of winning, his role is for people to laugh at the fat guy and I think that is mean and cruel, I only hope he stays around and does himself proud and everyone else who has ever been picked on for being too fat or too short or too different.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Best Wishes Sri Lanka

Our thoughts are with you.

Artist of the 00's

Meet the artist of the 00's, if the 90's in music in the USA were dominated by Garth Brooks, well the 21st century has been dominated by George Strait. George Strait had his debut album in 1981, and owned country music in the 80's, in the 1990's music , not just country music was owned by Garth Brooks.

But when Garth Brooks retired in 2001 to concentrate on raising a family, country music needed someone to take the reigns.

Mr Strait did, and in April of this year, will be awarded the artist of the decade award.

Despite his best work being in the 80's, George Strait has always done his genre proud, artists such as Garth Brooks still call themselves "A George Strait Wanna be", they still mention George Strait as their number one influence in their music and rightly so.

Where to now for George Strait, he will still continue to sing and sell out stadiums , he wont change his style for anyone and that has got to be a good thing.

What I would like to see this year is a tribute album to Mr Strait, by today's leading artists.

Having someone like Garth Brooks sing "Unwound" would surly be a fitting tribute to the great George Strait.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Bain to have a retrial

David Bain who was convicted for mass murder in 1994, and then had the privacy council ordered a retrial 13 years later, has had his appeal against a retrial squashed. David has been living life on the outside murder free, and is set to live thru the ordeal of another trial.

My suggestion to him would be lose the Freddy Kurger jersey, the radio station C93 didn't give you the jersey because they thought it meant you would be a Canterbury rugby supporter, they gave it to you as a sick joke.

May justice and the right outcome happen in the second trial.