Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vettori is freakin Rich!!!!

New Zealand's greatest ever cricket captain has every reason to be happy, he might be a multi Millionaire come the end of May.

The Blackcaps will be invited to a pre twenty twenty world cup tournament in England, the prize is meant to be a whopping $18 Million dollars, winner takes all.

So those 11 players in the winning team are set for a hefty payday, the other three teams will be The West Indies, Sri Lanka and England.

Im guessing those players who normally put out because of nigglying injuries will be fit and ready.

IMHO its good for the game, if players keep on playing in this 20/20 they will have to make themselves avaaible for real cricket, Test Cricket, so if we can see the likes of Vettori still playing well into his 30's, then we will own a Texan Billionarie a big thankyou.

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