Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Brain Hurts

I made the mistake of getting involved in a debate with a socialist, perhaps my brain is getting old, it just started hurting when I read this question of his.....

Excuse me, but again.. with some further explanation since I don’t believe you answered my question at all..

I wrote: “Civil question.. you wrote National are passing laws.. this appears to me as ‘National’ the absolute. Is this meant, if not what is ‘national’ to you?”

Politics.. government is about passing laws… the functional. Whereas my request related to structural and/or representational. I could hardly leave the context out of asking the question. Couldn’t say National are for instance.

The name Labour OTOH says what it is.

So, and perhaps the moreso significant for your change of personal views as you declare what is/are National to you. More than a promise for action surely. Given that we all have a huge external economic problem refracting through us the quality of action is most important.

Care to tackle this now….

All I could come up with was the word, HUH!

I need some sleep now.

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