Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Did the Australian commentators go to far?

During the 20/20 match between New Zealand and Australia the channel nine crew hooked up Vettori and Bracken with a microphone so they could speak to them during the game.

When talking to New Zealand's captain Daniel Vettori they asked him the usual questions, how he was feeling? How he thought the game was getting on?, Had he been happy with things so far?

The questions changed when it came to talk to Australian bowler Bracken, instead of asking him how the game was going , they gave him advice on what what type of ball to bowl to the kiwi batsman, telling him a yorker would be good now.

IMHO this amounts to cheating and shouldn't be allowed, in fact if this was any other sport, I would say there would be a scandel, but once again the New Zealand media is asleep at the wheel, I only hope the Blackcaps are going thru footage of the game and the apporiate action taken.

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