Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crush them

Finally we have a government that is taking the problem of these thugs seriously. For nine years Labour MP's turned a blind eye, even at the local level, mayors like Garry Moore thought it wasn't a big problem.

Well I'm afraid, when a bunch of criminals get hold of a police scanner, then surround a police officer and start throwing bottles threw his car window, something has to be done, this was premeditated, and could of resulted in disaster, these guys are lucky they aren't facing attempted murder charges because believe me, they would be in any other country on the face of the planet.

How anyone can give sympathy to boyracers is beyond me, they don't bring colour to the city, (despite what Garry Moore might say) they bully and threatened the public and put life's at risk.

Now the government wants to past a law, saying if you continue to use your vehicle for criminal activity your car will be crushed. Now of course the extreme left wing bloggers are saying this is not the answer, well I disagree, you must take away a criminal weapon's and if their weapon is a car so be it.

There is no respect for the law from these boyracers, just a take a took at the interview with boyracer Jordon Mason, he blamed the police for the incident, then drove off at 100khm an hour in a residential street, it's lucky a kid didn't run out after a ball , a further check of this guy's facebook page, sees a lot of agro, a lot of pictures of him trying to look mean and tough although they come off being more like homoerotic poses (each to their own) but also a anti police attitude which is dangerous.

Boyracers show no respect for public safety, time has come to show them the public have no respect for them.

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