Monday, February 2, 2009

Cards Lose in a Nailbiter 27-23

How sad, how sad.

My beloved Cardinals lost the superbowl to the mighty Steelers.

It was a game with many turning points, the cards had the chance to take the lead with only a few seconds to go in the first half, but an intercept pass for the Steelers and the longest run in superbowl history for a touchdown put paid to that.

The second half was riddled with penalties, but the cards fought back, an amazing punt, saw the Steelers on thier own line and a safety ensured. Then the cards got a touchdown for the lead, which they hold onto until 35 seconds left in the game, when the Steelers got an amazing catch for a touchdown.

And that was that. So close but so far.

A great season that fall just 35 ticks short.

Roll on next season!!!!!!

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