Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Class of 89

On December 31st 1989, Chicago Tribune writer, Gary Graff wrote an article about country music entitled "The Class of 1989"

In the article he suggested that country music will become a major player in the music industry in the states during the 90's.

He mentioned four debut albums, Clint Black's Killin' time, Travis Tritt's Country club, Alan Jackson's, Here in the real world and Garth Brooks's self titled debut.

He wrote that these four albums fell under the mainstream's music rader, and the 90's will see a boom in country music that has never been seen before, suggesting that one of these four artists may became the biggest star of the 90's.

He thought it would be Clint Black, with maybe Garth Brooks being a dark horse.

He was partially right, country music ruled the roost in the 90's in the USA, and one man walked proud and tall over every artist from any genre, that artist being the dark horse, Mr Garth Brooks.

Its hard to explain to New Zealanders about country music, thanks to a pathetic kiwi media who either toally ignored the genre during its peak in the 90's or just wrote sterotypical articles bagging the art form as music for a bunch of redneck hicks.

Well it was country music that touched on issues such as gay rights, woman rights, racial harmony, political upheaval, while rap music was concertating on exploiting woman and rock was using violent images.

Its also hard to explain to the New Zealand media, the commercial success that country artists had in the 90's over their rap/pop counterparts, we were always told that this rock artist and rap artist were ruling the roost in music, when in reality it was your country artists who were selling out stadiums and having their albums go diamond status.

In April of this year, it will be twenty years since the now retired Garth's debut album came out.

His achievements are too many too list here. I just hope something special is done for him, he changed a whole genre during one decade, he stayed grounded, he turned around a flagging music industry and set the bar higher than any other artist had before from any genre.

When Gary Graff wrote his story, he kinda knew that country will have a superstar of its own, he could never invisioned though that, that artist would break the records he did, no one could.

As TimMcGraw once said, the whole industry owes Garth a big thank you.

Yes music did change in 1989, thanks to the likes of the brilliant writing of Clint Black, the sweet sounds of Alan Jackson, the harsh sounds of Travis Tritt, and the genius of Garth Brooks.

I just hope in April, on the 20th anniversary of the class of 1989, something is done to recognize its head boy.

He deserves it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank you India

What a great nights entertainment the cricket was, and its all thanks to the Indian community in New Zealand, walking into the Paul Kelly stand was a delight, fans were greeted by a Bollywood style dance number, that had the crowd dancing and cheering with delight, even before they got to their seats! ( New Zealand cricket should of used this dance group during the match instead of the dancers they had performing on the field between overs)

The crowd of 16 thousand people, enjoyed themselves, the home team won, there was a world record 24 sixes hit, but the highlight had to be the thousands of Indian supporters that had turned up, waving hundreds of flags, wearing their bodypaint, chanting and singing during the match.

This is an important tour for New Zealand cricket, and it couldn't got off to a better start, may the rest of the tour be as successful as last night.

Monday, February 23, 2009


In protest of Section 92A of the Copyright Act is due to come into force on Saturday in New Zealand.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I watch way too many you tube videos

5697 to be exact. That is too many over a two and a half year period.
I have seen Garth Brooks and Billy Joel concerts from Ireland to Tokyo.
I have seen far too many Homer Simpson clips.
I have heard Christian Bale lose his rag.
I have see Family Guy ripping into Christian Bale for losing his rag.
I have seen the best twenty cricket catches of all time.
I have seen Arizona Cardinal fans go crazy.
I have seen the Warriors fans go crazy.
I just can't work out what the other 5000 odd videos were?!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Brain Hurts

I made the mistake of getting involved in a debate with a socialist, perhaps my brain is getting old, it just started hurting when I read this question of his.....

Excuse me, but again.. with some further explanation since I don’t believe you answered my question at all..

I wrote: “Civil question.. you wrote National are passing laws.. this appears to me as ‘National’ the absolute. Is this meant, if not what is ‘national’ to you?”

Politics.. government is about passing laws… the functional. Whereas my request related to structural and/or representational. I could hardly leave the context out of asking the question. Couldn’t say National are for instance.

The name Labour OTOH says what it is.

So, and perhaps the moreso significant for your change of personal views as you declare what is/are National to you. More than a promise for action surely. Given that we all have a huge external economic problem refracting through us the quality of action is most important.

Care to tackle this now….

All I could come up with was the word, HUH!

I need some sleep now.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Big Money is Out

Big Money is out.

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about how Vettori and other cricket players are rich, thanks to 20/20 cricket tournaments that were started by Allen Stanford.

Well that has all changed overnight, thanks to the FBI who have now arrested Allen Stanford for fraud . He was the man who was going to make cricketers some of the richest sportspeople on earth, but that has all changed.

Don't get me wrong, 20/20 is still alive and well, there will still be a world cup, there will still be 20/20 tournaments, they just wont be the mega cash tournaments run by Allen Standford.

Perhaps this will be a good thing in the end for cricket, time will only tell. I just hope the several players who said they were over their injuries and ready to play , wont now say they are unavailable for test cricket because of injury, yes I'm talking about you Jacob Oram.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Guy's take on Bale

"Highlight has to be "Your going to owe a fortune to the swear jar"

Did the Australian commentators go to far?

During the 20/20 match between New Zealand and Australia the channel nine crew hooked up Vettori and Bracken with a microphone so they could speak to them during the game.

When talking to New Zealand's captain Daniel Vettori they asked him the usual questions, how he was feeling? How he thought the game was getting on?, Had he been happy with things so far?

The questions changed when it came to talk to Australian bowler Bracken, instead of asking him how the game was going , they gave him advice on what what type of ball to bowl to the kiwi batsman, telling him a yorker would be good now.

IMHO this amounts to cheating and shouldn't be allowed, in fact if this was any other sport, I would say there would be a scandel, but once again the New Zealand media is asleep at the wheel, I only hope the Blackcaps are going thru footage of the game and the apporiate action taken.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vettori is freakin Rich!!!!

New Zealand's greatest ever cricket captain has every reason to be happy, he might be a multi Millionaire come the end of May.

The Blackcaps will be invited to a pre twenty twenty world cup tournament in England, the prize is meant to be a whopping $18 Million dollars, winner takes all.

So those 11 players in the winning team are set for a hefty payday, the other three teams will be The West Indies, Sri Lanka and England.

Im guessing those players who normally put out because of nigglying injuries will be fit and ready.

IMHO its good for the game, if players keep on playing in this 20/20 they will have to make themselves avaaible for real cricket, Test Cricket, so if we can see the likes of Vettori still playing well into his 30's, then we will own a Texan Billionarie a big thankyou.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Garth and Troy at Children's Hospital

Garth Brooks is spending his retirement doing charity work, he hints to the press that he may be back touring in five years time and he may move back to Nashville.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Why Does Reality TV Hate Fat People?

Meet Robert, he's a 29 year old Sous Chef who is currently on season five of Hell's Kitchen. He is 400 pounds and he wont win, he is there for viewer enjoyment, he is there so we can all have a laugh at the fat sweaty bumbling man who hasn't many friends.

Don't get me wrong, I love the show and I love Gordon Ramsay, but this show and other reality shows seem to have a problem with fat people. Take The Apprentice a few years back and the schoolyard bullying treatment of Brent Buckman, he was a overweight contestant who was never really in the running, he was just there for viewer enjoyment.

Why are the reality TV shows doing this? Is society still that bad that we have to make fun of people who are overweight? In the latest episode, Robert seems to be a real good chef, and he helped his team win the challenge, thus earning his team the reward of a helicopter trip to an island off the coast of California, he was called into Ramsay's office and told he was to fat to go on the helicopter, but he will be able to go to the island by ferry.

They showed shots of the rest of his team enjoying the helicopter ride, while he was shown sleeping on the ferry all by himself as condensing music played in the back ground.

To top it all off, as he finally meet up with his team , Gordon went up to him and told him, its time to go back, thus Robert missed out on his reward for being to fat.

They then showed Close up shots of Robert's face full of disappointment, while his teammates laugh. Now producers of this show, know this will generate laughs and rating points and that's the idea of television, but if they know full well that Robert is not going to win this thing, then they shouldn't have picked him for the final 16, it may be good for ratings, but its not good taste.

I hope he does well, but I'm thinking the editors are going make him a joke, and that's not fair.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Garth Brooks

The Great Garth Brooks turns 47 today. The man who in 2001 retired to be a father to his children and just concentrate on charity work, has kept to his word, the world is waiting till his youngest daughter turns 18, so he can come out of retirement and give us his gift of music.

Till then, enjoy fatherhood, Mr Brooks, you deserve it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rent a Crowd

This is the tenth year of the Wellington Sevens.

For the tenth straight year, everyday Kiwis will dress up and go to the Sevens.

For the tenth straight year, people will watch on TV.

For the tenth straight year, people will cheer and drink a lot of beer.

For the tenth straight year, the NZRFU will play modeling companies around the country, to dress up models and send them to the game, and then instruct TVNZ to focus their cameras on the models, thus giving a glamor impression to the Sevens.

And for the tenth straight year, NZ Journos who are aware of this repugnant piece of viral marketing will shut up and say nothing.

Still if your a rugby union fan (Im not) it must be fun, it just anit real.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


And also a liar. Even after video evidence showed he cheated, he continued to lie, to make matters worse, he has now made up a story saying the great Daniel Vettori texted him to say sorry.

So we have a cheat and a liar who has lied again to cover his weasel type behavior.

How this guy isn't dropped is beyond me?

How can he look his teammates and the Blackcaps in the eye, how can a umpire trust him again?

Can you imagine what is going to happen when he tours New Zealand in 2010?

I doubt he will last that long though.

We live in hope.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crush them

Finally we have a government that is taking the problem of these thugs seriously. For nine years Labour MP's turned a blind eye, even at the local level, mayors like Garry Moore thought it wasn't a big problem.

Well I'm afraid, when a bunch of criminals get hold of a police scanner, then surround a police officer and start throwing bottles threw his car window, something has to be done, this was premeditated, and could of resulted in disaster, these guys are lucky they aren't facing attempted murder charges because believe me, they would be in any other country on the face of the planet.

How anyone can give sympathy to boyracers is beyond me, they don't bring colour to the city, (despite what Garry Moore might say) they bully and threatened the public and put life's at risk.

Now the government wants to past a law, saying if you continue to use your vehicle for criminal activity your car will be crushed. Now of course the extreme left wing bloggers are saying this is not the answer, well I disagree, you must take away a criminal weapon's and if their weapon is a car so be it.

There is no respect for the law from these boyracers, just a take a took at the interview with boyracer Jordon Mason, he blamed the police for the incident, then drove off at 100khm an hour in a residential street, it's lucky a kid didn't run out after a ball , a further check of this guy's facebook page, sees a lot of agro, a lot of pictures of him trying to look mean and tough although they come off being more like homoerotic poses (each to their own) but also a anti police attitude which is dangerous.

Boyracers show no respect for public safety, time has come to show them the public have no respect for them.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cards Lose in a Nailbiter 27-23

How sad, how sad.

My beloved Cardinals lost the superbowl to the mighty Steelers.

It was a game with many turning points, the cards had the chance to take the lead with only a few seconds to go in the first half, but an intercept pass for the Steelers and the longest run in superbowl history for a touchdown put paid to that.

The second half was riddled with penalties, but the cards fought back, an amazing punt, saw the Steelers on thier own line and a safety ensured. Then the cards got a touchdown for the lead, which they hold onto until 35 seconds left in the game, when the Steelers got an amazing catch for a touchdown.

And that was that. So close but so far.

A great season that fall just 35 ticks short.

Roll on next season!!!!!!