Friday, January 30, 2009

There are rules for Blogging?

According to an extreme left wing New Zealand blog, there are rules for blogging. I never knew this, I just thought there was one rule, no plagiarism.

But alas, there are rules according to them. You cant reveal sources , and since I don't have any, that one should be easy.

No viral marketing. I agree with this, I hate viral marketing, it's the most manipulative type of advertising there is.

Even putting ads on your blog isn't right according to this site. I have to disagree, if you can make a few extra bucks, why not? Although I haven't made any extra bucks myself, I still think its a good concept.

What these bloggers have to realize is, that with the Internet unlike the mainstream media, there are no rules, you can blog about who you like, and if your a blogger your not a Journalist, that is an insult to anyone who has studied journalism.

The only problem I have with some bloggers is they put themselves on such a high pedstal and think there are rules to what they do, with blogging there shouldn't be rules, because blogging is just someone's random thoughts and you cant put a rule to a thought.

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