Friday, January 16, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Feminists and Peace Groups in New Zealand

Hypocrisy (or the state of being a hypocrite) is the act of preaching a certain belief, religion or way of life, but not, in fact, holding these same virtues oneself. For example, if a person were to tell one to repent for his sins yet he never repents himself this is hypocrisy.
In other languages, including French, a hypocrite is one who hides his intentions and true personality. This definition is different from that of the English language.
With what has happen in New Zealand over the past week, I will NEVER EVER trust another peace group, the green party, activist, or anyone who says they are for human rights for all again, because people who say this are lying, they are not being honest.
When I first read of the horrible story of two poor Israeli woman who became a victim of one man's racist form of apartheid in Invercargill, I thought maybe these groups will come out and support a couple of people who have become victims of a bigot.

You see nearly every day, The Green Party, Peace Action New Zealand, Global Justice for Peace and blogs such as The Hand Mirror and The Standard are telling us peace and love is the way.
If there is injustice the Green party will be there, if a woman is deemed to have been wronged by a businessman, the hand mirror will write about it.
Except it seems if the racist bigoted person is a Muslim, and his victims are Israeli woman, they just shut up and say nothing.
What can one take from this? Well its pretty simple, blogs such as The Hand Mirror and The Standard couldn't give a fuck about a woman's rights, Peace action New Zealand couldn't give a fuck about Peace, John Minto and The Green Party are nothing about Justice for all people.
They all have such hate for the west and capitalism and cannot stand that most of the planet don't want to be socialists and communists, so they try to turn people towards their ideas by using peace and human rights as a disguise.
I can't understand how anyone can respect these groups, to be a racist is bad enough, but to be a hypocrite with it, well it doesn't make you much of a human being does it?

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