Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey Duncan Johnston, wake up and notice a real hero

On two many occasions, the New Zealand media throws the word hero about. It doesn't matter if someone is a hero or not, they sling the catch phrase "He's a hero" about, no matter if it's true or not.

So this post goes out to members of the NZ Media, just to clarify things.

If a sportsperson breaks up a bar fight that doesn't make them a hero, if a sportsperson signs a deal with a shoe company that doesn't make them a hero, if a sports person needs a organ transplant that doesn't make them a hero.

If a sportsperson tells seven members of his family to get out of the water because there is a dangerous rip and then swims out to rescue his brother, and loses his life, then he is a hero.

Sonny Fai is a hero, he gave up his life to save others and that is what makes a hero, putting your life at risk for the benefit of others, too often the media think its something else.

Well done to Fai, lets hope there is a special mention of him at Halberg's, he deserves it, because he is a hero.

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