Friday, December 12, 2008

Michael Bay Takes on Jason

Believe it or not, acclaimed Producer/Director has remade the original Friday the 13th movie. It's not a direct remake as such, but in terms of the story, its set after Camp Crystal Lake reopens.

The movie is due to hit the cinemas on February 13th.

Why would Michael Bay take on this franchise?, that has since become a bit of a joke, well perhaps the success of Freddy Versus Jason spurred him on? Will he take this series and try to give it credibility?

The two trailers will leave viewers confused, one trailer seems like the movie is going to be your typical B grade Jason Horror movie, a bunch of actresses in their late twenties playing teenagers, get drunk , strip off and get killed by Jason.

The another trailer though, gives this movie hope, he seems to want to give it a darker, more grown up edge, with plenty of genuine frights! So who knows?

It's a huge risk for Bay, if this thing flops, which the critics will hope it well, then Bay will lose a lot of his standing, but if he turn this into something special, then his stock will soar.

Time will tell.

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