Monday, December 15, 2008

Billy Joel

Wow. I said to my mate, I felt privileged to be at the show. To see such an amazing talent singer songwriter, on stage for two hours singing songs that you identify with for the last 30 years of your life was special.This had to be one of the greatest concert experiences of my life time.

I was so thrilled that he sang "The Entertainer" I have come to love that song over the past seven years.

It was hit after hit after hit, My Life, Just the way you are, moving out, only the good die young, and of course piano man, for two solid hours he showed what a real artist is, a singer song writer who can moved a sell out crowd of 12 thousand of all ages.

He was very funny in between songs, joking with the crowd, and telling us how songs become about.

All in all , this had to be one of the best nights of music you could hope to experience.

Well done to the Piano man.

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