Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hate Lost

Hate has lost the election, what a massive blow for the most hateful group of jounralists on the face of the planet, this was the election that Fox News went overboard.

Fox news has always been extreme right wing, pushing the agenda of the GOP, recieving memos from them on what stories to report. This election cycle they moved to a whloe new level, they preyed on a new kind of fear, and it was heartbreaking to seek.

For myself they kicked this cycle of fear off , when Doocey screamed "This is huge" after Fox News falsly played a story of Obama attending a terrorist school. They screamED that Obama's friends want to blow up America and turn the USA into a radical Muslim nation.

The vile Sean Hannity even ran a show called "Obama and Friends, a history of radicalism"

For the next 12 months they bombarded their viewers with all hate only a skinhead could muster.

Well it didn't work and Hate and Fear lost this election, their will be urgent meetings at this cable station now, they tried so hard so spread their vomit , but they failed and Obama won, a great day for humanity that Love and Hope won out, over the tactics of fox news.

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Pascal's bookie said...

Har Har Hannity!

Don't mess with community organisers.