Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gutless Blackcaps Lose Again

There is a reason why Australia doesn't want to play us in test cricket. It's quite simple, we are not up to test standard, its no use beating around the bush, we are not up to test cricket.

The second test against Australia will be the last time Australia will ever play us at test level. The ICC is dropping their four year cycle and Australia has better teams to play than us.

So make the most of the second test, because that is the last time you WILL EVER SEE, a cricket test between the two nations.

What's to blame? well IMHO it was the attitude adopted in the mid 90's and has lasted ever since in this New Zealand side.

Its the drinking culture in the team, its the pure laziness, its the, "We don't have to train hard or watch game video, cricket doesnt work like that" attitude that Fleming lived by.

The players dont care, as long as the pay cheque comes in.

Its been a long slow death for test cricket in New Zealand, but its finally happened, and on the third day of the second test against Australia, when our last batsmen falls, thats it, no more tests against Australia, I hope the players of the last 15 years take a good hard look at themselves, for committing murder.

RIP New Zealand Versus Australia Test matches. December 30th 2008.

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