Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Election is Getting Ugly

How sick in the head do you have to be to make up something like Ashley Todd did? For those that don't know, Ashley Todd, went to the police and told them she was mugged by a Black man, and then the man noticed she had a John McCain bumper sticker, so the man attacked her, and got a knife and carved B in her face, telling her he is a Barack supporter and she is now a Barack supporter.

The police become wary, because she wouldn't go the hospital and the her injuries looked like makeup, when they questioned her, she changed her story and said he also fondled her and kicked her in the head when she layed unconscious, the police also thought the letter B was carved too neatly.

This didn't stop Fox News reporters from telling the story, and having looks on their faces of disgust and wanting this Black man to be bought to justice. It didn't stop the Republican party from releasing statement after statement for attacking Obama, McCain even called her up.

Well, she is now admitted it was a lie,despite showing no remorse at all for her lie, she doesnt think she should go to jail.

I think, she must go to jail, what say the police believed her? What say a innocent man got arrested? This is repulsive what she did, and a disgrace, its just a pity this is the way this election has been going, with Fox News feeding the hate.

One can hope, with two weeks left, the election will become cleaner, but I doubt it.


AmandaDelight said...


cindyg said...

This girl was dispeccable...What a way to get attention...what an old story blaming a black man for a crime. That's horrible...
But I do have to say that Fox news corrected the report as soon as the police said for sure it was a lie.

Brett Dale said...

Well hats off to Fox News for reporting that it was a lie.

Brett Dale said...

Well hats off to Fox News for reporting that it was a lie.