Monday, October 6, 2008

Thanks for Nothing Cullen

You have spent us into recession and you have totally spent the country's purse on all the wrong things, Welfare and lame tv progammes, how can you justify giving tens of millions to a children's cartoon and a show watched by Bogans.

How dare you criticize National for spending. You have been in Government for nine years and have totally screwed New Zealanders over, National wants to spend money on whats important, money in Kiwi's pockets, infrastructure , health and Education.

The conspiracy side of me says you knew you were going to lose, so you have emptied the country coffers just to make Key look bad, you know you can't win so you have decided to screw the public by making us broke, you belong in a jail cell not in parliament.

Thankfully we should only have four weeks of your destructive policies, the public wont be fooled this time Mr Cullen.

I only hope you have the integrity to say sorry to the Nation when you are voted out.

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