Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama Draws in Record Crowd

The crowd you see is not for a Garth Brooks concert, its not to welcome the superbowl champs, it's a crowd to see, Obama give a speech, this is historical, folks are excited about this man, it's history changing, as someone from the forum DU said, "Imagine being able to tell your kids/grandkids that you voted for the first African American President.

What is more amazing to me, is that Fox News attacks haven't worked, they have tried every angle to discredit this man, that he use to smoke, that he sat on a board with a terrorist, that he went to a school in Kenya, that he is not for the common folk and the most strangest tactic of all, Joe the Plumber doesn't like him.

Well I'm sorry Fox News, it hasn't worked and be prepared to watch your ratings plummet if Obama ends up winning, you wont be hand in hand with this administration like you were with the last one.

I for one am looking forward to watching election day, to see History get created and to see a bunch of propagandists have to read out the winner, knowing that their whoring didn't work this time, it will be a site to see.

But back to Obama, if he indeed does end up winning it will be amazing to see the leader of the free world being an honest and intelligent man, it will be amazing to see a whole sector of society having someone they can look up to and respect, in just over two weeks, the world might change and it will be for the better and those hundreds of thousands of people that turned up for the rally, will have something to tell their kids about, life is good.


Anonymous said...

You are about as "sick" as Barack "H" Obama. He is the WORST thing for this country to ever see. I hope you enjoy the USA being sold out when he or if he gets to be President. He wants nothing more than to run us in the ground since he has proven how he feels by the "crowd" he has hung out with over the years and sited as his hero's.
I hope you get enough of him "if" he does make it because you will probably end up wishing you had "eaten" him by the time he finishes "crashing and trashing" the USA.

Brett Dale said...

Thanks for sharing.

Pascal's bookie said...

brett, I share your hopes. I've read anecdotes that have brought tears to my cynical jaded eyes. One: the elderly African American woman who had some sort of medical emergency and was hospitalised. The first thing she asked for when she woke up was an absentee ballot because she doesn't want to die missing her opportunity to vote for an AA president.

But as posters are saying at 'balloon juice' and other places, we have not yet reached anything like peak wingnut.

If Obama wins, it will be because ACORN cheated. The Radical black mask muslim socialist pro terrorist baby killin drug addicts will have installed their man in the holy of holies.

As our anonymous friend so ably shows there will be a market for Fox to go crazy for, and you ain't seen nothin' yet.

McCain will have lost because he didn't go negative enough you understand, the GOP establishment will turn on him so fast you won't believe it. They never liked that damn RINO anyway and he only got the nomination because the REAL conservative vote was split between Romney and Huckabee. America will not have rejected Bushism (which would have won Iraq if Obama hadn't gone soft when VICTORY was at hand), America will have been stabbed in the back by the lieberal demoncrat. Just like in 'nam. Traitors, led by the Traitor in Chief, Benedict Arnold Hussein Obama.

There will be articles of impeachment drawn up by his second year in office. They will fail, but that's not the point. The point will be to destroy his presidency. The NWO ZOG black helicopter crowd will be back. Survivalism baby. With a black President? You betcha. Ol' travelleve will sound positively grounded compared to the crazy that will erupt.

But for all that I am simply astounded by Obama's skills as a politician. The guy is unflappable, scary smart, and is the best candidate I have ever seen. I've got hope that he can pull off not only winning, but governing. IMV America needs some of that.

Brett Dale said...

Excellent points, Pascal's bookie.