Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This piece of shit killed someone, and got Home detention, he had bought a new car and decided to be a big man, by smashing the speed limit and driving like a jackass at 120khm in a 50 zone, and he hit and killed someone. The victims family pleaded with the Judge to set an example to all young drivers, but the Judge was a gutless donkey and game him Home detention.

So for the next ten months this loser is going to stay at home and play on his xbox, download music to his ipod, go online, have his friends over for one big booze party, and Elizabeth Hart is still dead.


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Anonymous said...

What you have just written is such crap. Everyone deserves a second chance and no matter what sentence he got there is nothing worse than having to live with the fact that you have killed someone. It plays in your mind over and over again every day. You dont truely know what its like till its happened to you. You wish you could turn back time and take it all back and you ask yourself why you were so stupid. Im sure you have done stupid things in the past that you regret? Well this is one of them for Mike. I understand all the anger towards him but its time to move on. You cant hold one huge mistake against someone for the rest of their life. You cant judge someone until you are in their shoes.