Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Greatest Since Hadlee

Daniel Vettori is surly our greatest cricketer since the greatest cricketer ever, Sir Richard Hadlee.

In Vettori we have a player who always plays a captain's innings, he always fields like a captain should, and he also bowls like one of the best spinners in the world should, he has always done this, even when he wasn't captain and even when all others around him with would fall flat on their face, shrug their shoulders and say their catch phrase "We have to be more consistent"

Last night, the Blackcaps playing away from home, was facing defeat against a very poor Bangladesh side, our best bowler decided to become our best batsmen, he grafted away, he play for hour after after hour while all around him fell, he was a true test player.

What makes him so good? His attitude, their is no fake smile after the match saying he will do better next time, there is no blaming the other players, and more specifically not only does he set himself the highest standards, he lives up to them, and thats the key.

The other Blackcaps need to learn from this great man, they need to be with him early in the morning, warming up, or late at night watching match video, cricket tour these days aren't suppose to be a booze up, these players are professional and get paid a lot of money, they need to earn their keep.

So once again thanks to Daniel Vettori, for being our best player since Hadlee, thanks for showing us what a captain is all about.

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