Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This piece of shit killed someone, and got Home detention, he had bought a new car and decided to be a big man, by smashing the speed limit and driving like a jackass at 120khm in a 50 zone, and he hit and killed someone. The victims family pleaded with the Judge to set an example to all young drivers, but the Judge was a gutless donkey and game him Home detention.

So for the next ten months this loser is going to stay at home and play on his xbox, download music to his ipod, go online, have his friends over for one big booze party, and Elizabeth Hart is still dead.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wassup 2008

Eight years ago these men became famous for the catch cry, "Wassup" in a beer commercial. Eight years later they are back which has to be not only the best political ad this year, but one of the best ads ever. It has gone viral on the internet, but to my knowledge has yet to air on TV.

Wanted for Rape

Mind Rape.

I believe the authorities need to arrest Sean Hannity for Mind Rape. His show that he presents on the GOP ran Fox news. Obama and friends, not only trys to Link Obama to terrorists, fraudsters, communists and murderers but basically suggests that Obama is all of the above.

This is surly a case of Mind Rape. He is violating his viewers mind's, with this trash, night after night and its getting uglier as the election draws in.

This hate that he spews is repulsive, and worst off he trys to comes off as being a Christian to hide his hate, no Christian would ever stoop to this level though.

So it may sound extreme but I think this is Mind Rape, he is deliberately trying to Rape your Mind with his lies and should be arrested for it.

Biden Is All Class

This is how you should handle a Journalist that is bias. Well done to Joe Biden.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Election is Getting Ugly

How sick in the head do you have to be to make up something like Ashley Todd did? For those that don't know, Ashley Todd, went to the police and told them she was mugged by a Black man, and then the man noticed she had a John McCain bumper sticker, so the man attacked her, and got a knife and carved B in her face, telling her he is a Barack supporter and she is now a Barack supporter.

The police become wary, because she wouldn't go the hospital and the her injuries looked like makeup, when they questioned her, she changed her story and said he also fondled her and kicked her in the head when she layed unconscious, the police also thought the letter B was carved too neatly.

This didn't stop Fox News reporters from telling the story, and having looks on their faces of disgust and wanting this Black man to be bought to justice. It didn't stop the Republican party from releasing statement after statement for attacking Obama, McCain even called her up.

Well, she is now admitted it was a lie,despite showing no remorse at all for her lie, she doesnt think she should go to jail.

I think, she must go to jail, what say the police believed her? What say a innocent man got arrested? This is repulsive what she did, and a disgrace, its just a pity this is the way this election has been going, with Fox News feeding the hate.

One can hope, with two weeks left, the election will become cleaner, but I doubt it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Greatest Since Hadlee

Daniel Vettori is surly our greatest cricketer since the greatest cricketer ever, Sir Richard Hadlee.

In Vettori we have a player who always plays a captain's innings, he always fields like a captain should, and he also bowls like one of the best spinners in the world should, he has always done this, even when he wasn't captain and even when all others around him with would fall flat on their face, shrug their shoulders and say their catch phrase "We have to be more consistent"

Last night, the Blackcaps playing away from home, was facing defeat against a very poor Bangladesh side, our best bowler decided to become our best batsmen, he grafted away, he play for hour after after hour while all around him fell, he was a true test player.

What makes him so good? His attitude, their is no fake smile after the match saying he will do better next time, there is no blaming the other players, and more specifically not only does he set himself the highest standards, he lives up to them, and thats the key.

The other Blackcaps need to learn from this great man, they need to be with him early in the morning, warming up, or late at night watching match video, cricket tour these days aren't suppose to be a booze up, these players are professional and get paid a lot of money, they need to earn their keep.

So once again thanks to Daniel Vettori, for being our best player since Hadlee, thanks for showing us what a captain is all about.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama Draws in Record Crowd

The crowd you see is not for a Garth Brooks concert, its not to welcome the superbowl champs, it's a crowd to see, Obama give a speech, this is historical, folks are excited about this man, it's history changing, as someone from the forum DU said, "Imagine being able to tell your kids/grandkids that you voted for the first African American President.

What is more amazing to me, is that Fox News attacks haven't worked, they have tried every angle to discredit this man, that he use to smoke, that he sat on a board with a terrorist, that he went to a school in Kenya, that he is not for the common folk and the most strangest tactic of all, Joe the Plumber doesn't like him.

Well I'm sorry Fox News, it hasn't worked and be prepared to watch your ratings plummet if Obama ends up winning, you wont be hand in hand with this administration like you were with the last one.

I for one am looking forward to watching election day, to see History get created and to see a bunch of propagandists have to read out the winner, knowing that their whoring didn't work this time, it will be a site to see.

But back to Obama, if he indeed does end up winning it will be amazing to see the leader of the free world being an honest and intelligent man, it will be amazing to see a whole sector of society having someone they can look up to and respect, in just over two weeks, the world might change and it will be for the better and those hundreds of thousands of people that turned up for the rally, will have something to tell their kids about, life is good.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe The Plumber


Category-------Talking Points-----Fact Check
Name----------Joe The Plumber---Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher
Occupation------Plumber---------Contractor, Not Licensed Plumber
Affiliation-------Independent------Registered Republican
Politics---------Undecided------- Right wing radio regular
Income---------$250,000-------- "No, not even close." ($40k)
Boss's Business---$250,000 income--Closer to $100,000
Plans ----------Buy boss's business-No plans, not really
Obama---------Increases Joe's taxes -Would reduce tax >$500
Obama---------Mandates health care--No Mandate
Obama---------Imposes penalty----No Penalty
McCain ---------Really? ----------Really.



Nice try Fox News.

Out of all the bizarre election stunts Fox news has pulled, Joe the Plumber has to be the most funniest.

Here was this working man, one of us, just trying to get ahead by buying his own plumbing business, he went up to Obama and told him, that his tax policy will mean he wont be able to afford it.

Well que Fox News to jump in and start a spinning, more so than O'Rielly when he is home along with a certain type of sandwich.

According to our fair and balanced friends at Fox News, this is a game changer, this will turn the election on its head, this will turn the average voter away from Obama and to McCain, thus McCain will win the election.

You see, Joe the public, is the ordinary working man, who justs wants a break and all of the USA can relate to him, if Joe the plumber says he voting for someone, then that who America is voting for, hes a hero, just trying to get ahead, no thanks to those tax and spend Democrats.

Despite giving this guy ample air time, Fox news has lined up more interviews with him, praising him, well I'm afraid Fox and the GOP, this is the worst October surprise ever, it ain't working at all.

You see Joe the plumber is not a Plumber, of course the GOP won't admit that.

Joe actually has family ties to high ranking members of the GOP, he is also originally from Alaska, are you getting my drift yet???

Basically, Joe is a plant, that the GOP and Fox are going to use, there is no way Karl Rove is behind this , he wouldn't come up with anything so stupid. They are going blast the media with him, telling us he speaks the truth and somewhere along the line, he will say with a tear in his eye, that he is voting for McCain.

If the GOP and Fox News think this is going to work, then I'm ashamed of them as human beings, for thinking so low of the American public, surly people aren't that stupid?, or having just watched Neil Cavuto, maybe they are?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Genre The New Zealand Media Forgot

If it's all possible that a sector of New Zealand's journalists are more incompetent than our sports Journalists then it has to be our music Journos.

Lets take the 90's for example.

Thru their reporting on the international music scene, we heard about the rise of Grunge, we heard how hiphop and Rap artists were taking the world by storm, we heard about Robbie Williams and how cool he was.

Yet the rise of one Genre never made the media here. If I was to say, this style of music was the most popular form of music in the USA in the 90's, and it's top artist was the fastest selling artist in History and played to more people to any other artist, and he has now become the top selling solo artist of all time, if your from New Zealand, thanks to our media you wouldn't know who I was talking about.

If I was to say to New Zealanders , that a poll of Seattle High School students, on who they would love to see in concert the most, featured this guy at the top, If I was also to say that the demographic for this music form is 17-35 Urban college educated females, if I was to say that this Genre got respect for it's artists songs about Gay Rights, Racial Equality, Woman rights and the environment, New Zealanders still wouldn't know what genre I was talking about.

Why, because its so easy for them to just play on the stereotype and make jokes about people with no teeth or brains and pickup trucks. In 1993 a group of Polytech students from Christchurch training to be disjockeys, had access to a radio frequency and picked this Genre, for two months they did no research and ended up playing music from around 60 years ago and played satirical songs instead, when told about what artists they should play, they just brushed it off and had no idea what they should play.

Unfortunately this is still going on in the 21st century, the genre is treated as a joke, CD stores are in a time warp, having the same artists they would of had 40 years ago, not one NZ Journo could name the top artists today in this genre, instead they make lame jokes.

The sad thing is, the most popular New Zealand artist ever with sales of 8 million in the USA alone, gets no credit for his achievements, the kiwi who hosts a cable music show with 30 million subscribers also gets no air time, the New Zealand manager of one of the most successful artists ever has never got credit.

So to Answer my questions to the kiwi readers of this blog.

The most popular Genre in the states in the 90's was Country Music.

The most popular artist was Garth Brooks a country singer.

More people attended country music concerts in the states than any other form of music.

Seattle High School students voted Garth Brooks ahead of Nirvana and Pearl Jam as who they would love to see the most.

Garth, The Dixie Chicks and Martina McBride wrote songs about Gay Rights, racial equality, Woman Rights and the Environment.

Keith Urban is our most successful artist ever, not Scribe.

Kelly Wells is the Kiwi who hosts a show on CMT.

It was a Kiwi who managed Alan Jackson's first three albums.

The average country fan in the states is aged between 17-35, female, from the city and is college educated.

So Please New Zealand Journos, if sometime in the future you are going to report on Country Music, how about doing some research and getting some facts right, now excuse me I'm off to pluck the chickens and marry my cousin.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Well Done John Key

Well done John Key. NewZealand's next prime minister has announced a major tax policy four weeks before the election.

With all the damage Helen Clark has done to our economy, he did the right thing, and cut back on the tax cut for the rich, but still gave the working class man and woman their tax break.

Hats off to this man, if only more politicians were like him.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Thanks for Nothing Cullen

You have spent us into recession and you have totally spent the country's purse on all the wrong things, Welfare and lame tv progammes, how can you justify giving tens of millions to a children's cartoon and a show watched by Bogans.

How dare you criticize National for spending. You have been in Government for nine years and have totally screwed New Zealanders over, National wants to spend money on whats important, money in Kiwi's pockets, infrastructure , health and Education.

The conspiracy side of me says you knew you were going to lose, so you have emptied the country coffers just to make Key look bad, you know you can't win so you have decided to screw the public by making us broke, you belong in a jail cell not in parliament.

Thankfully we should only have four weeks of your destructive policies, the public wont be fooled this time Mr Cullen.

I only hope you have the integrity to say sorry to the Nation when you are voted out.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Its Cricket Season

And its thirsty work for the Blackcaps, first up in a long long season is the power house of Bangladesh, noone is really taking notice of the one dayers, but the two tests are of vital importance, we have to win and win them handsdown.

The batsman have to get some form, Ryder has to show he can go a day without drinking, and the great Tim Southee and Daniel Vettori well they just have to be themselves and everything will be okay.

But lets me honest this series is a warm up for the blackcaps, we have to travel to Australia for two tests against the best team in the world and we finally have a chance of beating them, with a new captain who takes a positive approach and a couple of real weapons in Taylor and Southee, we could do the impossible.

Fingers and toes are crossed.