Sunday, September 14, 2008


Guess who won? The more observant of you, would probably guess the Warriors won, and you are right.

That must be the greatest game of league I have seen in decades, Manu did himself proud and his team proud, if he ran for Prime Minister he would win in a landslide after that performance.

Ya got to love playoff football, the Warriors, one of the most consistent teams in making the playoffs, and the most exciting teams to watch in the NRL, waited till the last two minutes to score the winning try!!!

It was a match for the ages, led by wise old heads, in Price, Wiki and Tait taking control of the match, I haven't seen this much determination by any NRL team this season, time and time again we just failed to score, it looked liked we had our last chance, until some Manu magic, he made a break and then passed to Witt, who raised the ball above his head in triumph before dotting down for the winner.

Roll On The Roosters!!!

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