Saturday, September 27, 2008

TVNZ, What are you thinking?

How could you call the first debate for McCain? Not only did you call it for McCain, you said he dominated, you said he was like a headmaster and Obama was a school boy? Did Karl Rove come into the news room and put a gun to ya head?

That debate was either a tie or a close victory to Obama? McCain got several facts wrong about Obama and was called on it, and Obama didn't attack at all, it was a debate with no WOW moment, I don't think any independent voters would change their vote and no Democrat or Republican change their vote either.

Both made good points, Obama stuttered a bit, but we were clear where he stand, and McCain made his points, but maybe played on emotion to much and didn't look Obama in the eye.

So it's on to debate number two, I hope TVNZ actually watches this one.

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