Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time to Resign Prime Minister

The big story to come out today in the Peter's saga has to be this statement from Owen Glenn, "Ms Clark was clearly aware of my donation to New Zealand First."

Helen Clark has lied to the media, has lied to the serious fraud office and worst of all has lied to the people of New Zealand.

You have to do the honorable thing now, Helen, for the first time in your nine years in power, you have to do what's right, and forget about yourself, forget your followers like Marion Hobbs trying to turn us into a socialist nation. You must resign, you must say your sorry to the public.

You have destroyed a once great party for your own selfish views, please resign now and leave with what ever dignity you have left.

Now that rant is out of the way, below is the other highlights from Owen Glenn's comments to the media, courtesy of stuff's webpage.

On Ms Clark: "She's very self-serving... I am expendable. I wouldn't want them in the trenches next to me. It's not the money, it's the way you are treated, then you turn the dogs on me... toothless dogs."

On Mr Peters: "People in those elected positions and privileged position need to act ethically and be trusted and I doubt he can be... I don't think people with forgetful memories should be Minister of Foreign Affairs."

On Mr Williams: "Mr Williams is wrestling with the truth. He is an unmitigated falsifier of veracity."

He said Mr Williams was really a "bag man for the Labour Party" who wouldn't take "a second breath unless the prime minister tells him too".

Mr Williams though was a "great bloke to have a beer with" but it was shame on him that he lied: "You don't treat mates like that."

On Finance Minister Michael Cullen: "He's a bully... He's not the sort of guy I would want to spend a weekend with on an island with. But he is just following orders."

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