Friday, September 12, 2008

This Election is about Trust

For the first time in ages, I agree with Prime Minister Clark, this election is about trust.

This election is also about honesty and fairness, this election is about the public wanting to make decisions for themselves without having the hand of the Government in every decision we make. This election is about personal responsibility and standing on your own two feet. This election is about the public as individuals and their own personal beliefs, this election is about democracy and capitalism. This election is about doing what's right.

Unfortunately for one of our most corrupt, cynical and self serving Prime Ministers in our history, she doesn't understand this, her speeches that prey on fear, will not work anymore, not even with her committed base, sure she might get a mountain of support from extreme socialist sites like the standard or people who believe one sector of society is to blame for the other's poor standing.

But the average member of the public is tried of her lies and they want to go about their business without some Government official telling them, what is best. This government that we have, is to be no more in seven weeks time, I only hope the new one can totally reverse the damage that Helen Clark, Marion Hobbs and Michael Cullen has done to our proud Nation.

We deserve better as a people.

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