Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin

The Republicans love her, The Dems hate her, and the folks over at Fox News is treating her like she is some sort of God, but what to make of this person who is running for VP. The Republican party showed they are very very smart in making her their VP pick, but they are also showed they are very cynical, they didn't pick the best person, they didn't pick the person they knew who could make the USA better, they picked the person who they could sell to their base, the person who would most represent what their base stands for.

Like most Politicians though, the image they portray to the public is far different from real life, lets be honest here, she is not ready to become leader of the free world, despite Fox News saying giver her a chance, this isn't a job at McDonald's.

She is selling herself to the public brilliantly and the GOP would give anything for her to actually become President, because if something was to happen to McCain, The public would believe her, when she says she is an outsider ready to clean up Washington.

Well I'm afraid, she wont be cleaning up Washington, that is what happens in Hollywood movies, she would be doing exactly what she is told by the people who control things behind the scenes, it is naive to think anything different.

She is a strong woman, any parent who raises a Down Syndrome child, needs to be congratulated, I wont go as far as Fox News and say "My heart melts with respect for her", but what she promotes, is not what she is about, she will turn Woman rights back 30 or 40 years, and she has the Oil companies best interests at heart, that is why this is a very manipulative choice.

In the next few weeks, expect her to give the same old speech, expect Fox News to do their bit also, but this election wont come down to Sarah Palin, it will come down to the voter turnout of the African American population.


Anonymous said...

Well, as a woman I totally disagree with you. She will not set women's rights back 40 years. She is more like mainstream women than the liberal hollywood groups speaking out against her. The reasons the dems hate her so much is because she is seen as a threat to them someone who can really relate and someone that the average person would want representing them. She has much more experience than Barack Obama, I mean she was a mayor and a governor and she has done brilliantly representing herself so far, no matter how much they try to dig up. Obama on the other hand, so much dirt on him that is horrible like terrorist connections and racist group ties. I am also offended at him comparing himself to Jesus Christ, which he is not worthy of wiping the dirt off of Jesus' sandals.

Brett Dale said...

I sincerely don't think that Obama has terrorist ties and he didn't compare himself to Jesus, his supporters were making a point about him being a community worker.

Still its going to be a fun election to watch.