Friday, September 5, 2008

Oklahoma Thunder: Let the real Battle begin

There is battle going on in the NBA and the battleground involves the new NBA team, the Oklahoma Thunder.

The battle doesn't involve, sponsors or a rival club after the same player, the battle is for the heart and soul of any team, THE TEAM SONG.

On one side, you have a bunch of Aussies, who have never been to Oklahoma and their fist pumping song , ThunderStruck, a rock anthem, which can be used to get a crowd pumped up.

On the other, you have local boy and the biggest selling solo album artist in USA history, Garth Brooks, who cut the ribbon to the new stadium.

His song, The Thunder Rolls is always one of the highlights of his concerts.

Both songs are worthy, but the upper hand must be with Garth, hes Oklahoma born and bred, and with a few lyric changes, the song The Thunder Rolls, which is set in a thunderstorm, will have country fans and non country fans abuzz. I mean thats what the team was named after, a thunder storm.

So hopefully as the new season starts, the thunder will roll, the lightening will struck, the team will win and deep in the heart of the fans, the thunder rolls.

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