Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama and the Democratic Convention

Just saw this video on youtube, it's pretty cool, its of Obama and the Democratic convention set to the tune of the classic Garth Brooks song, "We Shall be Free" I didnt make it, but thought it deserved to go viral.


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful video....

You have a REAL talent!

Brett Dale said...

I actually didn't make the video, I saw it on youtube, but thought it deserves to go around the internet, hopefully it will become viral and people will post it online everywhere.

Rick said...

BORING, this is the Obama video that will go viral...

Anonymous said...

I think it's a horrible way to abuse Garth Brooks' song..

Barack Hussein Obama will ruin the country if he is selected president..

He is not messiah- he is an overhyped politician- it's muddying Garth's name to be associated with him

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I don't like the use of Garth's song for Obama.
Do a little search of Obama's background. I see you don't live in the USA. Have you googled what Obama is about?
Have you seen the video of the church that he attended and heard Obama using racist words towards whites?
Search YouTube for Rev Wright and Obama. That alone is enough for me to not condone you putting Garth's music to Obama's campaign.
Obama has a brother in Africa, Odingo Obama that lives on a dollar a month, who is associated with a massacre in Africa last year.
It would be different if this was a man who loves this country, but, he has belittled it a lot and there's a lot of videos on YouTube that will support what I say.
Please stop using Garth's song. I respect Garth too much to hear his music being used to promote and racist.
Google Obama and Ayers, Sinclair, Wright, Rezko.
I'm sure Garth, since this is a really dirty campaign that Obama's running, isn't wanting to get involved as there's more than just being accused of being a racist at stake.