Monday, September 15, 2008

Kiwi Born Urban Becomes NZ Most Successful Artist

Keith Urban is the only New Zealand born artist to have an album go to number one in the USA. He is our biggest selling artist in our history having sold millions of albums in the states alone, yet not one word from our music media who are suppose to care about the future of New Zealand music in this country.

Just last week he was nominated for two CMA's, including the prestigious Entertainer of the year award, he has worked with country Legend Garth Brooks and is on many artists albums thru all genres.

He plays to 3o thousand people in concert, and has fans on every corner of the globe, he is also NewZealand's most underrated artist in the country of his birth. He hasn't received a cent from NZ on Air, despite this Government department being formed to promote New Zealand artists overseas.

Scribe, a New Zealand rapper, has received nearly one million dollars to help with promotion and production of his videos and albums , because according to New Zealand on air he is a worldwide sensation that young kiwis can look up too. Well the reality is his last album didn't go Gold in Australia, or even wood.

Now of course artists shouldn't get a cent of public money they should stand on their own two feet, but that isn't the point. I would like NZ on air to be fair to all genres and the NZ media in general.

Keith Urban should be celebrated here, we should be told that our most successful artist is a country singer, promoters should be begging him to play Vector Arena, we have a great talent here folks, its a shame not a lot of kiwis know this.

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terminalfrost said...

Right on! Keith is amazing and New Zealand should be so proud of him. I know I am!