Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hey Telfer, It's time to retire

It is time for long serving Journalist Brendon Telfer to retire. For the last few years, he has spent his time misleading the public. On Tuesday's morning show, he said "Rugby is too complex for America" and suggested that maybe Rugby Sevens will be best suited for the American audience.

He was suggesting that the American sporting public might not be bright enough to follow the game, well he is either sadly mistaken, or he is trying to appeal to the anti Americans in New Zealand society by lying.

You see Americans follow a game that makes Rugby union looks like snake and ladders by comparison, I talk of American Football.

This sport has more rules than cricket, and the people who follow the game are students of it, debates rage all over the country, over the credibility of each teams playbook, The defensive alone might have to memorize 200 different plays for each game, and the sporting public of the USA would be able to tell you, what plays work better.

For Telfer to suggest that Americans wouldn't understand a complex game, borders on being bigoted. He really has to go for misinforming the public once again.

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