Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dr Michael Cullen has done a Fonz

Dr Michael Cullen has done a Fonz.

No, He's not making out with every hot chick at Arnold's or Big Al's, he's not telling Ralph to sit on it, he's not even saying Hey! to everybody he meets. He has though jumped the animal in the above picture with his comments on John Key.

Cullen for some reason is tying Merrill Lynch being bought out to prevent a collapse, on Key's credibility as a Prime Minister because Key worked their eight years ago.

I'm not sure what point Dr Cullen is trying to make? Is he actually blaming Mr Key for the wall street crisis, by trying a six degrees of separation scenario? That is best left for the Kevin Bacon fans. This is a crude attempt by Labour to appeal to their base, by trying to make out that Key is just a fat Cat who has no idea whats going on in the real world.

Dr Cullen has to look at himself, as the Government's biggest fat cat. His statement that he said after his attack on John Key sums up the Labour party and their mindset.

Dr Cullen said "National's planned $50 a week tax cuts would put the Government's books in a poor state"

So Dr Cullen would rather the Government have more money than you. This is Labour Politics 101, and its disgusting, how can people not be outraged, it borders on socialism.

This Labour party is telling the people of New Zealand that they would like "The Government to have more money than the people."

Dr Cullen I think Henry can lend you his skis for the weekend.

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