Friday, September 12, 2008

Anna Paquin True Blood

How can one not like Anna Paquin? This Canadian born, New Zealand raised (she will always be NewZealand's little girl) has been living and working in America for over 15 years. She hasn't sold out, she hasn't done the party circuit, there has never been a drug scandal, she has never gone on a talk show and said something to make herself silly. Throughout her career she has just done some amazing movies, from her Oscar performance in the piano, to her role in Almost famous, from giving the SiFi genre credibility in Xmen, to art movies like Finding Forrester and Hurlyburly, she has always done herself proud.

Now comes what may be her best work, she plays Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO series True Blood. The show is based on the novels by Charline Harris. With Alan Ball taking charge of this series, Anna is on to a winner. Her performance through the first two episodes is stunning, she has a radiant beauty that others lack, her southern accent is perfect, she brings life to the series, you might not be into the vampire genre, but the presence of Anna makes this worth watching.

The show itself is violent and being about vampires there is a sexual tone to it, hopefully it will make it on to our screens here, uncut as it should.

A must watch, and Im guessing come award show time this show will clean up next year, well done to Anna Paquin!!

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