Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

RIP: Paul Newman 1925-2008.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Warriors Lose

But what a great season, to win nine out of your last twelve, to become the only team in eighth spot to beat the top ranked team in the playoffs, that hasnt happen in any sport on the face of the planet.

To then go one better and win in the next round, shows what a amazing team the Warriors are. They have only finished one game short of a Grand Final, they have made the playoffs more often than not in the 21st century, they have taken their fans on a wild ride this season, ROLL ON 2009!!!!

TVNZ, What are you thinking?

How could you call the first debate for McCain? Not only did you call it for McCain, you said he dominated, you said he was like a headmaster and Obama was a school boy? Did Karl Rove come into the news room and put a gun to ya head?

That debate was either a tie or a close victory to Obama? McCain got several facts wrong about Obama and was called on it, and Obama didn't attack at all, it was a debate with no WOW moment, I don't think any independent voters would change their vote and no Democrat or Republican change their vote either.

Both made good points, Obama stuttered a bit, but we were clear where he stand, and McCain made his points, but maybe played on emotion to much and didn't look Obama in the eye.

So it's on to debate number two, I hope TVNZ actually watches this one.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Long Week

Well its been a long week, so here's another video of Garth to enjoy, I will rant on about some other topic in the weekend.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Sad Indictment on New Zealand Sporting Journalism

This book is a sad indictment of New Zealand sporting journalism, it shows the complete ignorance of Joesph Romanos one of our leading sport writers to the point of embrassement, it is so bad, that one may have to come up with a bizarre conspiracy theory to explain the total lack of knowledge not only in this book but by our leading sporting Journalists.

But first, this book is suppose to list the 100 greatest sporting achievers this country has ever had and it starts out well listing the best of the best, Peter Snell, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Richard Hadlee and John Walker, but then the stupidity kicks in. You see this so called Journalist has put many local sports people ahead of our international superstars and I cannot see why?

According to Joesph, achievements by Lawn Bowlers, Archers, Sheep Sharers, Netballers, Walkers, and downhill mountain bike racers are higher than that of our top Footballers (Soccer) Wynton Ruther Oceania player of the century, Ryan Nelson (Captain of Blackburn and New Zealand first Premier league player, Sean Marks (new Zealand's first NBA Player and only kiwi with an NBA Ring and Kirk Penny New Zealand's second NBA player, not to mention our two NFL players Ricki Ellison and Dave Dixon, our woman's Basketballers who have made the WNBA, our international sprinters who are now coaching at the top colleges in the USA, the list goes on and on, we have so many sports people who are achieving at global sport who don't get the recognition.

Unfortunately this is the case across the board for all our leading sport Journalists, Brendon Telfer, Chris Miriams, Murray Decker, Andrew Saville, Spiro Angew, Keith Quinn and most of our leading print Journos. They totally ignore huge achievements by Kiwis overseas, to focus on these minor little sports, why?

One word, Rugby.

This obsession with Rugby that our journalists have is disgusting and its to the detriment of leading global sports, they are fearful that another sport may take over, so instead of reporting on sports that they deemed to be in competition with Rugby, (Basketball, track and field, Soccer, League, American Football, BaseBall,boxing ) , they focused a lot of attention on minor wee sports that no one globally cares about, EG: lawn Bowls, sheep sharing and Netball.

You have to ask serious questions of Joesph who would ranked a Lawn Bowlers achievement ahead of Sean Marks our first NBA player, now he didn't write this because he thought it was correct, no one would be that stupid, so there must be another motive.

How can Journalists not report on the daily happenings on what our top sport stars are doing on the global scene and focus on lawn bowls and netball instead? They must know this is wrong, something very suspicious is going on.

Lets look at Brendon Telfer for instance , probably the most insincere Jounros in our history, he has covered many Olympics so he knows about track and field, and most other sports, yet he twists and turns his comments, to make certain global sports to be insignificant and very minor ones to be global.

When you listen to him on radio sport talking about a major sport that isn't Rugby, he will sound like he is disinterested, he may start to eat something on air so the public gets the impression that what he is talking about cant be important, what is worse though is his total disregard for the facts and his hypocritical nature that borders on being O'Reilly like.

Here are some examples:

When talking of the League world cup he said "The Rugby League World Cup is Worthless"
Yet when talking of a much lesser sport Netball he said "This has to be the sporting achievement of the year"

He also said of the 1999 Netball world champs "This is the biggest woman's sporting event this year"

Unfortunately he said this one month after one Billion people watched the USA beat China in front of 90 thousand people to win the womans soccer world cup, somehow I don't think they had that many people watching the Cook Islands versus Tonga netball match.

His hatred of League is known, when a League Player got drunk and urinated in a public bar he said "It's animal behavior, what parent would want their kid to play that game"

Yet a few months later when a Rugby player got caught doing the same thing, he giggled like a little school girl and said "Boys will be boys"

When reporting on one of New Zealand's wins at the basketball world champs he was eating a sandwich and being patronizing , getting facts wrong and acting confuse like it wasn't a big story.

When Russia beat Afghanistan in League in front of 30 thousand people he said "Well they probably have never heard of Rugby Union, that is why they play league" All these comments were made in the past ten years, his comments thru the 70's and 80s were worst, the ones I have listed are the tip of the iceberg.

But probably the one that stuck in my mind was when Beckham left united for Real Madrid, the one football journalist at radio sport was talking about what a huge global story this is and how it was shown on Sky news, CNN and Fox news all day, when Brendon walked into the studio and was asked by his colleague.. "This is huge, have you been watching it on tv, Brendon?"

Brendon replied "It's like if Johan went to japan"

No Brendon, this was nothing like if Johan went to Japan, this is a story the sport world cares about.

I'm afraid this is what its been like with the NewZealand sporting media, they must know what they are spouting is lies, every time you turn on the news there is a lack of major sports stories involving kiwis or they try to connect rugby Union into any story.

They try to connect non sporting stories to rugby.

Some more Examples

When the New Zealand soccer team played the USA in front of 60 thousand people in Mexico the NZ Journo said

" You would think it was the All Blacks playing there are so many people"

When the soccer world cup started the NZ Journo said "Normally the world would be focused on the All Blacks"

A Father of a New Zealand Basketballer was asked "Your son is big, why doesn't he play rugby"

When the great Hamish Carter came back to NZ after winning the world triathlon champs the first thing he was asked was "Which rugby team do you support?"

Ryan Nelson once wrote in an email to Billy Harris, "What is wrong with New Zealand sporting Journalists, don't they know its 50 times harder to make the Premier League than the All Blacks" He wrote this because the NZ media made fun of a kiwi player making the Premier league suggesting that his former USA club will be happy to see him go.

In a item about the the great kiwi actress Anna Paquin the public was told she loves rugby and watches when ever she can, even though she cannot stand the game.

One of the most bizarre incidents was when a print Journo wrote that Bob Dylan's song The Hurricane was about the NZ rugby team the Hurricanes.

Our media reports that Johan Lomu has the speed of a world class sprinter, now his best time is supposedly hand time at 10.8, now that is very very slow time for a WOMAN sprinter.

We have been told by our media that rugby players could make the NZ four by 400 metre relay track team, which is absurd and a insult to anyone who has every represented their country in track and field.

When actor Lawerence Fishbourne came here to film a movie, the media said he loved rugby, when asked about this, he had no idea what the reporter was going on about.

The same thing happen to actor Chris O'Donnell.

When NFL films were set to film a rugby game, TVNZ told us :They might have problems filming the all blacks because they are so fast"

Every day of every week, we are fed another lie, another inaccurate report all in the aid to boost rugby.

We hardly hear about Ryan Nelson or Sean Marks, but so the media doesn't get accused of bias, they report on sports that aren't deemed to be in competition with rugby, minor sports like Netball, lawn bowls, down hill mountain racing, walking, boat racing.

Worst of all is the lies that the non sporting media allows to past, telling us that the all blacks are a global brand and repeating this lie, even though 95% of all all black merchandise is sold in this country. They are nowhere are global brand, but yet we hear this day after day.

When a government sponsored ad, to make sure parents pay child support was filmed showing a kid not allowed to play rugby because his parents didn't pay his fees, the ad never aired because the NZRFU complained, so they refilmed it using a kids soccer game instead, the NZ soccer federation complained but the ad still aired.

When the government aired a ad to tell speeding drivers to slow down they used a soccer dad showing him speeding instead of a rugby dad. Yet all positive government ads where they show good behavior from sporting parents are rugby parents.

Now These Jounros and government departments are either doing one of two things, one just being bias towards a sport they love, promoting it by lying about its world wide popularity and more sickly trying to get the achievements of our real global sport stars down, by ramming rugby down our throats and only reporting on minor sports.

The second reason is a wild conspiracy theory, that has no actual evidence whatsoever, but was put to me by someone, like other conspiracy theory's like man landing on the moon, Elvis is alive, Garth Brooks is a figment of Chris Gaines imagination and aliens in Roswell, it has to have a hearing, bit its probably false.

I don't believe Brendon Telfer and other Journalists can be that incompetent in their jobs as journalists, so is some money changing hands? Is the NZRFU paying jounros or government departments under the table to push their own barrel? Are they paying money to the media not to report on sports that they are in competition with?? Are their gifts changing hands? Is their a Salt Lake City thing going on? What is happening? because surly our jounros can't be that stupid?

Or can they?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ghost Town

The funniest man in the world today has done it again it would seem. Ricky Gervais the creator of The Office and Extras has now moved on the big screen with his Comedy-Drama, Ghost Town.

As of writing, Ghost Town has an astounding 100% on film review site Rotten Tomatoes, which is unheard of except if your The Godfather.

I have yet to see this movie, and have only browsed clips on youtube, what I have seen is a gentler comedy than those of the past few years and a throwback to the movies of yesteryear, with a slight edge. Ricky plays a cynical dentist who dies for seven minutes while having a colonopsy, he is bought back to life and is unable to see and hear dead people, but unlike the sixth sense, he just finds the dead people annoying because they all want favours from him.

This movie would seem to have all the trademarks of Gervais's brilliance, and I for one cannot wait for it to open.

Judging by the early reviews, an Oscar for Ricky could be coming up, I'm sure he will be having a laugh right now.

Friday, September 19, 2008

America's Greatest Ever Perfomer

He really needs to come out of retirement, here is the opening two songs of his concert in Kansas in 2007 to raise money for charity. This video was originally posted on youtube please go there and thank "9arth" for posting it. The poster at youtube has added another video.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's the end of the world as we know it

According to the Mayan's, the world is going to end on December 21st 11.11am GMT.

Millions of people around the world believe in this theory also, scientists believe the world will end in 2012 because of the Earth's axis, Christians believe that is the date of the Apocalypse, some of the peak oil people also believe the Earth will lose all of its resources on that date also.

There are literally hundreds of groups that have picked this date as the end of the Earth, you just need to go to Wiki and they have them all listed.

Several Physic authors have also said a major event will happen in 2012 that will change the Universal forever.

Nostrdomus also picked 2012 as the end of the earth, well he actually said "The bird flies south while the wind blows", but according to the Nostrdomus people that means the world will end in 2012.

Here is my problem with all the doomsayers for 2012. Mel Gibson, the most mentally unstable Australian in History believes it.

If that wasn't enough to get fair minded people to think this theory is nuts, then what about the thousands of groups thru out history that has already picked the date of the end of the world, and it didn't happen??

This is Y2k all over again.

Anyway here are my Predictions for 2012

Obama will get a second term
Garth Brooks will come out of retirement two years early.
GNR will release Chinese Democracy.
An Earthquake in Asia
A Flood in Europe
A Hurricane in the USA
The warriors will win the NRL.

Who do you think is going to be closer with their predictions?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dr Michael Cullen has done a Fonz

Dr Michael Cullen has done a Fonz.

No, He's not making out with every hot chick at Arnold's or Big Al's, he's not telling Ralph to sit on it, he's not even saying Hey! to everybody he meets. He has though jumped the animal in the above picture with his comments on John Key.

Cullen for some reason is tying Merrill Lynch being bought out to prevent a collapse, on Key's credibility as a Prime Minister because Key worked their eight years ago.

I'm not sure what point Dr Cullen is trying to make? Is he actually blaming Mr Key for the wall street crisis, by trying a six degrees of separation scenario? That is best left for the Kevin Bacon fans. This is a crude attempt by Labour to appeal to their base, by trying to make out that Key is just a fat Cat who has no idea whats going on in the real world.

Dr Cullen has to look at himself, as the Government's biggest fat cat. His statement that he said after his attack on John Key sums up the Labour party and their mindset.

Dr Cullen said "National's planned $50 a week tax cuts would put the Government's books in a poor state"

So Dr Cullen would rather the Government have more money than you. This is Labour Politics 101, and its disgusting, how can people not be outraged, it borders on socialism.

This Labour party is telling the people of New Zealand that they would like "The Government to have more money than the people."

Dr Cullen I think Henry can lend you his skis for the weekend.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kiwi Born Urban Becomes NZ Most Successful Artist

Keith Urban is the only New Zealand born artist to have an album go to number one in the USA. He is our biggest selling artist in our history having sold millions of albums in the states alone, yet not one word from our music media who are suppose to care about the future of New Zealand music in this country.

Just last week he was nominated for two CMA's, including the prestigious Entertainer of the year award, he has worked with country Legend Garth Brooks and is on many artists albums thru all genres.

He plays to 3o thousand people in concert, and has fans on every corner of the globe, he is also NewZealand's most underrated artist in the country of his birth. He hasn't received a cent from NZ on Air, despite this Government department being formed to promote New Zealand artists overseas.

Scribe, a New Zealand rapper, has received nearly one million dollars to help with promotion and production of his videos and albums , because according to New Zealand on air he is a worldwide sensation that young kiwis can look up too. Well the reality is his last album didn't go Gold in Australia, or even wood.

Now of course artists shouldn't get a cent of public money they should stand on their own two feet, but that isn't the point. I would like NZ on air to be fair to all genres and the NZ media in general.

Keith Urban should be celebrated here, we should be told that our most successful artist is a country singer, promoters should be begging him to play Vector Arena, we have a great talent here folks, its a shame not a lot of kiwis know this.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Guess who won? The more observant of you, would probably guess the Warriors won, and you are right.

That must be the greatest game of league I have seen in decades, Manu did himself proud and his team proud, if he ran for Prime Minister he would win in a landslide after that performance.

Ya got to love playoff football, the Warriors, one of the most consistent teams in making the playoffs, and the most exciting teams to watch in the NRL, waited till the last two minutes to score the winning try!!!

It was a match for the ages, led by wise old heads, in Price, Wiki and Tait taking control of the match, I haven't seen this much determination by any NRL team this season, time and time again we just failed to score, it looked liked we had our last chance, until some Manu magic, he made a break and then passed to Witt, who raised the ball above his head in triumph before dotting down for the winner.

Roll On The Roosters!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Anna Paquin True Blood

How can one not like Anna Paquin? This Canadian born, New Zealand raised (she will always be NewZealand's little girl) has been living and working in America for over 15 years. She hasn't sold out, she hasn't done the party circuit, there has never been a drug scandal, she has never gone on a talk show and said something to make herself silly. Throughout her career she has just done some amazing movies, from her Oscar performance in the piano, to her role in Almost famous, from giving the SiFi genre credibility in Xmen, to art movies like Finding Forrester and Hurlyburly, she has always done herself proud.

Now comes what may be her best work, she plays Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO series True Blood. The show is based on the novels by Charline Harris. With Alan Ball taking charge of this series, Anna is on to a winner. Her performance through the first two episodes is stunning, she has a radiant beauty that others lack, her southern accent is perfect, she brings life to the series, you might not be into the vampire genre, but the presence of Anna makes this worth watching.

The show itself is violent and being about vampires there is a sexual tone to it, hopefully it will make it on to our screens here, uncut as it should.

A must watch, and Im guessing come award show time this show will clean up next year, well done to Anna Paquin!!

This Election is about Trust

For the first time in ages, I agree with Prime Minister Clark, this election is about trust.

This election is also about honesty and fairness, this election is about the public wanting to make decisions for themselves without having the hand of the Government in every decision we make. This election is about personal responsibility and standing on your own two feet. This election is about the public as individuals and their own personal beliefs, this election is about democracy and capitalism. This election is about doing what's right.

Unfortunately for one of our most corrupt, cynical and self serving Prime Ministers in our history, she doesn't understand this, her speeches that prey on fear, will not work anymore, not even with her committed base, sure she might get a mountain of support from extreme socialist sites like the standard or people who believe one sector of society is to blame for the other's poor standing.

But the average member of the public is tried of her lies and they want to go about their business without some Government official telling them, what is best. This government that we have, is to be no more in seven weeks time, I only hope the new one can totally reverse the damage that Helen Clark, Marion Hobbs and Michael Cullen has done to our proud Nation.

We deserve better as a people.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time to Resign Prime Minister

The big story to come out today in the Peter's saga has to be this statement from Owen Glenn, "Ms Clark was clearly aware of my donation to New Zealand First."

Helen Clark has lied to the media, has lied to the serious fraud office and worst of all has lied to the people of New Zealand.

You have to do the honorable thing now, Helen, for the first time in your nine years in power, you have to do what's right, and forget about yourself, forget your followers like Marion Hobbs trying to turn us into a socialist nation. You must resign, you must say your sorry to the public.

You have destroyed a once great party for your own selfish views, please resign now and leave with what ever dignity you have left.

Now that rant is out of the way, below is the other highlights from Owen Glenn's comments to the media, courtesy of stuff's webpage.

On Ms Clark: "She's very self-serving... I am expendable. I wouldn't want them in the trenches next to me. It's not the money, it's the way you are treated, then you turn the dogs on me... toothless dogs."

On Mr Peters: "People in those elected positions and privileged position need to act ethically and be trusted and I doubt he can be... I don't think people with forgetful memories should be Minister of Foreign Affairs."

On Mr Williams: "Mr Williams is wrestling with the truth. He is an unmitigated falsifier of veracity."

He said Mr Williams was really a "bag man for the Labour Party" who wouldn't take "a second breath unless the prime minister tells him too".

Mr Williams though was a "great bloke to have a beer with" but it was shame on him that he lied: "You don't treat mates like that."

On Finance Minister Michael Cullen: "He's a bully... He's not the sort of guy I would want to spend a weekend with on an island with. But he is just following orders."

Scott Dixon Wins Indycar Title

Congrats to Scott Dixon for rewriting New Zealand sporting History and winning the Indycar series for the second time. A great boost for motorsport in New Zealand, and surly this will earn him a Nod at the Halberg sport awards, I can not see him beating Valerie Vili though.

An Olympic gold medal should just rank ahead of this achievement by Scott. Where to now for this young man?, Nascar or F1? Or maybe he wants his third title, which would make him a legend of the sport.

Sarah Palin

The Republicans love her, The Dems hate her, and the folks over at Fox News is treating her like she is some sort of God, but what to make of this person who is running for VP. The Republican party showed they are very very smart in making her their VP pick, but they are also showed they are very cynical, they didn't pick the best person, they didn't pick the person they knew who could make the USA better, they picked the person who they could sell to their base, the person who would most represent what their base stands for.

Like most Politicians though, the image they portray to the public is far different from real life, lets be honest here, she is not ready to become leader of the free world, despite Fox News saying giver her a chance, this isn't a job at McDonald's.

She is selling herself to the public brilliantly and the GOP would give anything for her to actually become President, because if something was to happen to McCain, The public would believe her, when she says she is an outsider ready to clean up Washington.

Well I'm afraid, she wont be cleaning up Washington, that is what happens in Hollywood movies, she would be doing exactly what she is told by the people who control things behind the scenes, it is naive to think anything different.

She is a strong woman, any parent who raises a Down Syndrome child, needs to be congratulated, I wont go as far as Fox News and say "My heart melts with respect for her", but what she promotes, is not what she is about, she will turn Woman rights back 30 or 40 years, and she has the Oil companies best interests at heart, that is why this is a very manipulative choice.

In the next few weeks, expect her to give the same old speech, expect Fox News to do their bit also, but this election wont come down to Sarah Palin, it will come down to the voter turnout of the African American population.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama and the Democratic Convention

Just saw this video on youtube, it's pretty cool, its of Obama and the Democratic convention set to the tune of the classic Garth Brooks song, "We Shall be Free" I didnt make it, but thought it deserved to go viral.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Six Million Dollar Man

Well done to Garth Brooks.

He wanted to raise money for the victims of the California fires in January 2008, by doing a run of five shows in LA, (which sold out in record time) and by donating money from his CD sales, a nice gesture for the retired Brooks.

Not only did he put on a great run of five concerts, but he also raised, a staggering $6 Million dollars for the Southern California Intervention Relief Effort (FIRE) campaign.

It's great to see an artist who has decided to do good in his retirement and not just go out on a self promotion kick. His teammates for kids charity has also raised millions and millions since it's start up 1999.

I guess there are some good guys left in the world.


Well done to the Warriors, for making the playoffs, they outplayed and out thought Parramatta to win easily 28-6, they played with brains and played gusty throughout the game. They are now in post season football, where in a sudden death match they will either meet, Manly or Melbourne, welcome to finals football!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Oklahoma Thunder: Let the real Battle begin

There is battle going on in the NBA and the battleground involves the new NBA team, the Oklahoma Thunder.

The battle doesn't involve, sponsors or a rival club after the same player, the battle is for the heart and soul of any team, THE TEAM SONG.

On one side, you have a bunch of Aussies, who have never been to Oklahoma and their fist pumping song , ThunderStruck, a rock anthem, which can be used to get a crowd pumped up.

On the other, you have local boy and the biggest selling solo album artist in USA history, Garth Brooks, who cut the ribbon to the new stadium.

His song, The Thunder Rolls is always one of the highlights of his concerts.

Both songs are worthy, but the upper hand must be with Garth, hes Oklahoma born and bred, and with a few lyric changes, the song The Thunder Rolls, which is set in a thunderstorm, will have country fans and non country fans abuzz. I mean thats what the team was named after, a thunder storm.

So hopefully as the new season starts, the thunder will roll, the lightening will struck, the team will win and deep in the heart of the fans, the thunder rolls.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wade is Innocent

The best player in the NRL today is innocent, the best player wont be avaiable for the Warriors against the eels, the best player got found guilty of a crime, when another player got off without a ban.

The best player cannot spit at someone from six feet away and have it land 3cm, near a touch judge. The best player will appeal, the best player though IMHO will still have to serve out a ban, the best player is gutted, the best player is a victim of a corrupt system, its just sad that the best player in the NRL plays for a team from New Zealand.

Its like in the mid 90's all over again and the NRL have bought back, Jagwat the elephant jockey. One can only hope the warriors can do the business in the last round without their best player.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hey Telfer, It's time to retire

It is time for long serving Journalist Brendon Telfer to retire. For the last few years, he has spent his time misleading the public. On Tuesday's morning show, he said "Rugby is too complex for America" and suggested that maybe Rugby Sevens will be best suited for the American audience.

He was suggesting that the American sporting public might not be bright enough to follow the game, well he is either sadly mistaken, or he is trying to appeal to the anti Americans in New Zealand society by lying.

You see Americans follow a game that makes Rugby union looks like snake and ladders by comparison, I talk of American Football.

This sport has more rules than cricket, and the people who follow the game are students of it, debates rage all over the country, over the credibility of each teams playbook, The defensive alone might have to memorize 200 different plays for each game, and the sporting public of the USA would be able to tell you, what plays work better.

For Telfer to suggest that Americans wouldn't understand a complex game, borders on being bigoted. He really has to go for misinforming the public once again.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Prison Break is Back

Prison Break is back. My predictions for the upcoming season.

Tbag will get his just desserts and I don't mean an ice cream, he will meet an untimely death in a horrible way.

Sarah will find her head, she lost it in season three.

Sarah will marry Michael.

Lincoln will be murdered, but his son will survive, as well as Lincoln's girlfriend.

Scure will save the day somehow.

Bellick will end up getting some, and turn good.

Mahone will just turn good.

The company will be bought down in a very bloody way.

The basketball kid will make the NBA!!!!