Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Music Behind The Man

Michael Phelps must the greatest sports person on the planet, his feats will probably never ever be overtaken. What makes him special is, he is an all round down to earth humble guy, there is no trying to be political, making a point about the suffering of the world.

He is without a doubt, the poster boy on what sports people should be, every advantage he uses to better himself, diet, training, watching hours and hours of video. What I also like about him, is that we have the same taste in music, why most sports people would try and stay cool and up to date to appeal to the MTV, Iphone crowd, Phelps is just honest, so he doesn't say, Britney or Blink 182, of Puff or Eminem.

No before a race, he listens to Garth Brooks, an American country singer, who songs are about being honest and true to yourself, and that is a great way to sum up Michael Phelps and Garth.

Both have had success in their fields that will never be match, while staying humble and nice, and ya cant ask for more than that.

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