Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Labour Party of NewZealand uses beneficiaries

Once again New Zealand's Prime Minister has shown that she will do anything to stay in power, by using the most vulnerable people in society, those on benefits. Earlier in the week, the National party came up with the idea of, having those on the DPB move into work base programmes and work training programmes, once their kids turn six to help them move out the poverty cycle, a brilliant idea teaching both the parents and the children to stand on their own two feet and not depend on the government.

Of course the worst Prime Minister in out history, turned this around and with the help of the very liberal media, made the National party out to be attacking those who need help. She has a reason for doing this, Labour is depending on people to stay on welfare and thus staying poor and thus voting Labour, this is her base, this what keeps her in power.

Pretty soon she will be visiting solo mothers, taking along the media, and telling them, that she wont make them work, she will look after them, and only she can do this.

Well this is beyond sick if ya ask me, shes trying to make herself out to be a saviour, yet her motive is too keep these people poor, its socialism 101.

People will fall for it also, they will think that this so called lady, is going to save them, where in fact she is keeping them down for her benefit. I don't think there has been a Prime Minister in our history that has caused so much suffering.

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