Friday, August 1, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I really like the Harry Potter movies, they get better with each new movie. They got many things right, casting kids who are the age of the characters that they are playing is pure genius, if they had of gone the route that WB wanted, Harry Potter and Ron and Hermione, would now be played by actors in their mid 20's, but instead we have watch these young actors grow with their roles and they are believable, well as believable as a movie about wizards can be.

I have never read the books, I just wait for the movies, but for myself, the most interesting person has to be Snape, he plays the part, of not a good guy, or even a bad guy, and its up to the viewer to decide what camp he is in, everybody else falls into place quite easily, but not Snape.

So role on the sixth movie of this series. Its going to be fun, but also dark, everything a good movie should be.

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